Feb 29,2020

With 13,000 music fans attending, the 2019 China Tour of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra drew to a close

The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra honored as “a heavenly orchestra for classical music”, visited China for the 3rd time...

Feb 29,2020

With six concerts in thirteen days the Lucerne Festival was brought to China in 2019

From June 26th-29th, 2016, Lebanon witnesses the successful performances by China National Acrobatic Troupe.

Feb 29,2020

“Opera’s Mekka” Landed in Shanghai With the Full Line-up – Teatro alla Scala Mounted Mozart by “One Stage, Two Sets”

Teatro alla Scala, hailed as “the world’s opera centre”, embarked on an unprecedented tour in China...

Feb 29,2020

Five sensational concerts in 10 days by Bamberg Symphony

Led by its chief conductor Jakub Hrůša, the Bamberg Symphony (BS) along with pianist Vilde Frang was present...

Feb 29,2020

The China tour of the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra and a New Year Carnival named after Tchaikovsky

The Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra – the first radio symphony orchestra of the Soviet Union with a long history...

Feb 29,2020

The 2019 Mariinsky Festival in China was successfully held presenting symphony music, opera and ballets

The Mariinsky Theatre presented in China from November 20 to December 7 a colorful festival of sixteen performances...

Oct 29,2019

Teatro alla Scala Ballet Company unveiled the National Grand Theatre Dance Festival with two classic ballets

Hailed as the best embodiment of Italian ballet, the La Scala Theatre Ballet toured in China on 2-13 August...

Oct 29,2019

The European Tour of Singapore Chinese Orchestra in 2019

As Singapore’s flagship arts group and the only state-run professional orchestra dedicated to Chinese music...

Oct 29,2019

St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra honored the Sino-Russian Diplomatic Relationship with "My Motherland Tour"

St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra travelled from 9 to 16 September to in five Chinese cities ...

Oct 29,2019

Four Sold-Out Nights, Twelve Days – Macao Orchestra paid Tribute to the Sino-Portugal Cultural Exchange on tour in Portu

2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Macao’s return to China and the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations...

Aug 14,2019

“The Belt and Road – Music throughout Macao”, a Paean to Friendship by Young Musicians from Nine Countries

“The Belt and Road – Music throughout Macao” International Youth Music Festival 2019...

Aug 14,2019

Guangzhou Symphony Youth Orchestra Toured Japan in Homage to Classics in the Spirit of Youth

Guangzhou Symphony Youth Orchestra (GSYO) accomplished their tour in Japan on 25 July.

Aug 14,2019

China Philharmonic Orchestra Toured Japan and South Korea in Honor of Friendship and Cultural Exchange

With the support of China’s State Council Information Office and the National Radio and Television Administration...

Aug 14,2019

Curtain Down on the 4th Theatertreffen in China with “Die Odyssee” and “Trommeln in der Nacht” Making a Splash

The jury panel, consisting of five theatre professionals from both China and Germany...

Aug 14,2019

“Diary of John Rabe” was Acclaimed by European Mainstream Theatres, Opera Fans, and Chief Critics

Thirteen days, 8400 overseas audiences, and five shows – Diary of John Rabe, a new contemporary opera (a touring production)...

Jun 12,2019

Led by Eschenbach, SWR Symphonieorchester Made a Successful Debut Tour in China

Led by conductor Christoph Eschenbach, SWR Symphonie-orchester made a successful debut tour in China...

Jun 12,2019

Buchbinder and Staatskapelle Dresden Accomplished 2019 China Tour

World-renowned pianist Rudolf Buchbinder had a tour in China again between 13th and 23rd May along with his "old pal" Staatskapelle Dresde...

Feb 27,2019

The whole world listens to the Chinese traditional music

Under the baton of distinguished conductor Pang Kapang, the final concert of the Suzhou Chinese Orchestra...

Jan 17,2019

The 10th Chinese Opera Festival was successfully held with 3 performances of Havoc in the Heavenly Kingdom in Geneva

On January 13, the 10th Peking Opera festival concluded successfully at the Grand Théâtre de Genève in Switzerland.

Dec 9,2018

Nearly 10,000 fans in three cities appreciated Vienna Philharmonic: Looking forward to 2019!

From November 25th to December 3rd, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra undertook its second large-scale China tour.

Dec 9,2018

Staatskapelle Dresden realized a successful China tour in the year of its 470th anniversary

In the 470th anniversary of its existence, Staatskapelle Dresden successfully realized another China tour in 2018.

Nov 5,2018

St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra 2018 China Tour presented the essence of Rachmaninoff

The Russian world class St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra completed their 2018 concert tour in China.

Nov 5,2018

The first China tour of Maisky Trio realized perfectly

Another one of the resident musicians of Wu Promotion Master Series, cellist Mischa Maisky is a top musician since the 1980s.

Nov 5,2018

“The Perfect Beethoven”: Pianist Rudolf Buchbinder collaborated with Chinese symphony orchestras

The interpretation of works of Austrian and German composers by Austrian pianist Rudolf Buchbinder...

Nov 4,2018

Shakespeare spirit in ballet: Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève 2018 China tour

Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève, the pearl of ballet art with more than 100-years history...

Nov 4,2018

A real ballet feast: Ballet Company of Teatro alla Scala 2018 China Tour

During 30 days, Wu Promotion realized a classical and romantic ballet feast with 15 performances of the world’s top Ballet Company of Teat...

Nov 4,2018

Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra presents the beautiful charisma of Chinese traditional music

The Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra held many exchange activities about traditional Chinese culture in several universities with young student...

Nov 1,2018

5 concerts in 7 days: 2018 Lucerne Festival in Shanghai reached a perfect finale

Following the conclusion of the 2018 Summer Festival, the Lucerne Festival Orchestra embarked on its first long-term visit in Shanghai... ...

Oct 12,2018

Led by Valery Gergiev, Mariinsky Theatre presented their famous opera "War & Peace"

Continuing the success of the 1st Mariinsky Festival in China initiated in 2016, Wu Promotion has consecutively presented it for the 3rd t...

Sep 29,2018

Guangzhou Symphony Youth European Tour

The Guangzhou Youth Symphony Orchestra delighted the audiences of three European summer festivals...

Sep 29,2018

2018 China Philharmonic Orchestra Russia Tour

China Philharmonic Orchestra brought to Moscow and St Petersburg three exceptional musical works that were witnessed...

Sep 2,2018

The successful conclusion of the 3rd "Theatertreffen in China" in July

Co-promoted by Wu Promotion and Berlin Theatre Festival, organized by the Tianjin Grand Theatre...

Aug 14,2018

So hard to say goodbye to St. Florian Boys' Choir

St. Florian Boys’ Choir has finished their China Tour from June 28th to July 9th.

Aug 14,2018

China National Traditional Orchestra, "Xuanzang’s Pilgrimage", first overseas tour is a successful travel to the West.

The China National Traditional Orchestra presented for the first time outside of China their musical drama Xuanzang’s Pilgrimage...

Jun 6,2018

WDR has ended the largest Asia Tour they have ever made so far

WDR Symphony Orchestra Cologne, one of the six major broadcasting symphony orchestras in Germany, finalized their largest Asia tour...

Jun 6,2018

The first China tour of the Vienna Flute Mozartet

...the four leading artists from Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra performed their first China tour in the form of "flute quartet"...

Apr 18,2018

Experience the flourishing of classical music with the Verbier Festival Chamber Orchestra 2018 China Tour

The Verbier Festival in Switzerland, represented by The Verbier Festival Chamber Orchestra celebrated its 25th anniversary...

Mar 13,2018

The 21st Grand Chinese New Year Concert enjoys a successful conclusion

From 26th January to 22nd February, Wu Promotion's cultural project The Grand Chinese New Year Concert (CNYC)...

Jan 20,2018

Eifman Ballet 2018 China Tour – An Interpretation to Deep Souls

The start of 2018 was celebrated by the 3rd cooperation between Wu Promotion and the great choreographer Boris Eifman along with his accla...

Dec 8,2017

2017 Mariinsky Theatre Festival in China finalizes successfully

Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra and Ballet offered extraordinary performances as the closing of '2017 Mariinsky Theatre Festival in China'... ...

Dec 8,2017

China Philharmonic Orchestra’s 2017 Asia Tour enjoys a successful conclusion

China Philharmonic Orchestra, the leading symphony orchestra in China, has just finalized its 2017 Asia tour successfully.

Dec 1,2017

The Haunting Melodies of the Passion of the Silk Road - the International Youth Music Festival concludes successfully

The Haunting Melodies of the Passion of the Silk Road — the International Youth Music Festival gathered over 270 young artists...

Dec 1,2017

Staaskapelle Dresden 2017 China Tour - an outstanding finale!

With the support of Shanghai Grand Theatre, Hangzhou Grand Theatre, Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall and National Centre for the Performing Arts....

Dec 1,2017

The 9th Chinese Opera Festival has a successful conclusion with the China National Peking Opera Company

With the support of the China National Peking Opera Company,the 9th Chinese Opera Festival had a successful conclusion.

Nov 7,2017

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra First large-scale China Tour finalizes successfully

The world famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (VPO) has remarkably concluded its first large-scale tour in China of its history.

Nov 7,2017

SEMIANYKI made a great 2017 China Tour

Collaborating with Wu Promotion for the second time, SEMIANYKI presented their comedy drama The Family once again in China...

Sep 25,2017

Dance with broken soul, Saint Petersburg Eifman Ballet just made a remarkable tour in China

Saint Petersburg Eifman Ballet performed the unique modern psychological ballet ‘Rodin’ and ‘Anna Karenina’ ...

Sep 14,2017

Yundi and Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra interpreted the authentic Chopin

From 29 August to 5 September, Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra worked with the world renowned pianist Yundi on their 2017 China Tour.

Sep 12,2017

Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe finalized their unforgettable experience in Greece

Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe performed in the Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center from 29 August to 1 September for the first time...

Aug 31,2017

Shanghai Symphony Orchestra finalizes its 2017 Europe Tour

Shanghai Symphony Orchestra has made significant achievements within this Europe Tour: it showed Chinese symphony to the world...