Nov 16,2022

A long-awaited reunion between the Vienna Philharmonic and 14,000 music fans!

From 23 October to 2 November, the Vienna Philharmonic successfully ended its tour in Hong Kong, Taipei, and Kaohsiung, leaving countless ...

Nov 16,2022

Wu Promotion joins IMZ!

In September 2022, Wu Promotion became the only IMZ member of China.

Oct 6,2022

Vienna Philharmonic 2022 Asia Tour Announcement!

From 24 October to 5 November 2022, Vienna Philharmonic will start the 2022 Asian tour, visiting Hong Kong, Taipei, Kaohsiung and Seoul fo...

Sep 30,2022

Nine classics streaming on the 8th Silk Road International Arts Festival!

On 17 September, the 8th Silk Road International Arts Festival opened in Xi'an. Under the coordination of Wu Promotion, nine screenings of...

Sep 22,2022

Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra has celebrated its 65th Anniversary Tour!

On 14th and 15th September, the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra joyfully celebrated its "65th Anniversary Tour" under the careful organizatio...

Aug 11,2022

Great Success of Guangzhou Symphony Youth Orchestra 2022 Domestic tour!

From 24 to 29 July, Guangzhou Symphony Youth Orchestra (GSYO) set off from Guangzhou, under the baton of Music Director Jing Huan...

Aug 11,2022

Jue Yao Violin Recital Tour realized perfectly!

From 24 to 31 July, under the organisation of Wu Promotion, renowned Hong Kong violinist Jue Yao embarked on her first round of 2022 domes...

Jul 9,2022

Jue Yao Violin Recital Tour is about to start!

To coincide with the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), Wu Promotion and Hong K...

Jul 6,2022

Gansu Dance Theatre: The Legend of DunHuang 2022 Tour

From June to July 2022 and organized by Wu Promotion, Gansu Dance Theatre will stage The Legend of DunHuang in Erdos, Yichun and Shanghai....

Jul 4,2022

Berliner Philharmoniker and Wu Promotion postpone the Shanghai Residence planned for June 2022 to June 2024

Berliner Philharmoniker's Shanghai residency, which was supposed to have taken place these days after the final concert...

Mar 29,2022

Wu Promotion and Lumière Pavillons Present “Austrian Classical Art Film Festival”

The “2022 Austrian Classical Art Film Festival”, presented by Wu Promotion and Lumière Pavillons, features nine ballets and operas...

Mar 2,2022

“Classic Live 2022” released!

With the hope to keep showcasing cultural activity due to massive cancellations of international performances that arose from this pandemi...

Feb 17,2022

China NCPA Orchestra national (NCPAO) tour 2022 is about to start!

From 19 to 27 March 2022, NCPAO, one of China’s leading orchestras, will embark on a China tour under the baton of LÜ Jia with Pipa player...

Jan 30,2022

Happy Chinese New Year 2022

We wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous Chines New Year in the year of the Tiger!

Jan 14,2022

Remembering you and starting again! Wu Promotion will set up the "Wu Zezhou Music Fund"

In the early hours of January 7, 2021, Mr. Wu Zezhou, one of the founders of Wu Promotion, left the world and his family he loved due to i...

Dec 23,2021

4 Legendary Concert Recordings Premiered in 8K quality with 22.2ch Multi-Channel Surround Sound!

From 22-25 November, four 8K LIVE SCREENINGS, co-organised by Wu Promotion and Xinghai Concert Hall...

Dec 14,2021

Wu Promotion partnerships with Shanghai Kun Opera Company for an exclusive 2022 China tour of "The Peony Pavilion"!

2022 marks the 120th anniversary of the birth of Master Yu Zhenfei, the first head of the Shanghai Kun Opera Company (SKOC).

Dec 8,2021

A full reveal of Muti and the Vienna Philharmonic 2021 in Egypt!

From 18-22 November 2021, the Vienna Philharmonic returned to Egypt in its 179-year history, after their tour back to the Arabic country i...

Nov 8,2021

Shanghai Yue Opera: Dream of the Red Chamber & The Romance of The West Chamber

Shanghai Yue Opera House staged "Dream of the Red Chamber" and "The Romance of The West Chamber"...

Nov 8,2021

Chen Leiji and NCPAO in Chamber

Shanghai Yue Opera House staged "Dream of the Red Chamber" and "The Romance of The West Chamber"...

Sep 14,2021

Wu Promotion and Poly Theatre Present “Classic Live”

With the aim to bring the best of the world's performing arts to Chinese audiences, Wu Promotion has teamed up...

Aug 27,2021

HD screening weekend | THEATERTREFFEN in china·2021 special edition and musical I AM FROM AUSTRIA

During the last weekend of August 2021, Wu Promotion presents a special HD Screening Weekend with 5 screenings including 2 distinctive... ...

Aug 5,2021

Guangzhou Symphony Youth Orchestra has celebrated its 10th Anniversary Tour

From 21 to 30 July, Guangzhou Symphony Youth Orchestra (GSYO) has commemorated its first decade on tour with Wu Promotion...

Jul 12,2021

Shanghai Ballet: Swan Lake & Bright Red Star

From 27 July to 1 August 2021 and organized by Wu Promotion, Shanghai Ballet will stage Swan Lake and Bright Red Star in Beijing.

Jul 12,2021

Visits from Bait AI Oud · The Silk Road

In collaboration with the Department of Culture and Tourism of Abu Dhabi we invited Ms. Zhao Cong, Vice-President of the China National Tr...

May 19,2021

Jiatong Wu, President of Wu Promotion, was awarded with the Austrian Cross of Honor for Science and Art

H.E. Mr. Friedrich Stift, Austrian Ambassador to China, gave in the name of Mr. Alexander Van der Bellen, President of the Republic of Aus...

Apr 22,2021

Great Success of NCPA Orchestra’s First Domestic Tour

From 10 to 17 April, the NCPA Orchestra has finished its first national tour in China with great success...

Mar 24,2021

Vienna Philharmonic and Wu Promotion extend their exclusive partnership until 2027

On 2 March 2021, Mr. Daniel Froschauer, President of the Vienna Philharmonic, Mr. Michael Bladerer, General Manager, Bernhard Naoki Hedenb...

Mar 15,2021

China NCPA Orchestra national tour 2021 is about to start!

From 10 to 17 April 2021, China NCPA Orchestra, one of China’s leading orchestras, will embark on an extensive China tour under the baton ...

Feb 11,2021

Happy Chinese New Year 2021

We wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous Chines New Year in the year of the Ox!

Feb 10,2021

2021 Grand Chinese New Year Concert Cancelation Notice

Affected by the global epidemic, the 2021 Grand Chinese New Year Concert tours originally scheduled with...

Jan 28,2021

Berliner Philharmoniker and Kirill Petrenko to start a multi-year residency project in Shanghai in June 2022 in partners

Together with Wu Promotion, the Berliner Philharmoniker is planning a residency project in Shanghai at two-year intervals, beginning in Ju...

Jan 25,2021

Shanghai Ballet Performances Change Notice

We regret to inform the performances The White-Haired Girl and The Swan Lake of Shanghai Ballet will be postponed for the time being.

Jan 20,2021

Wiener Symphoniker and Hong Kong Arts Festival to jointly present online concerts

The upcoming 49th Hong Kong Arts Festival will open on February 27th with a different format this year...

Jan 14,2021

“Music Week": Mr. Zezhou Wu Made Chinese Traditional Music Resound at the Musikverein for the First Time

Mr. Zezhou Wu, founder of Wu Promotion, devoted himself to international cultural exchange over the past three decades...

Jan 13,2021

HKCO: In Memory of Mr. Zezhou Wu

Mr. Huichang Yan, the Artistic Director and Conductor Laureate of Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra (“HKCO”): “Yesterday, we were informed ...

Jan 8,2021

Farewell Zezhou Wu (Tianjin 1937 - Vienna 2021)

In loving memory of Mr. Zezhou Wu, we are saddened to announce his passing on January 6, 2021 in Vienna at the age of 83.

Jan 4,2021

Concert Marks 25th Anniversary of Moscow-Beijing Ties

Moscow and Beijing celebrated the 25th anniversary of the partnership between the two cities...

Jan 4,2021


With the pulse of the post-epidemic era and the vision of presenting the best of German language theatres, Wu Promotion...

Jan 4,2021

Shanghai Ballet: The White-Haired Girl & Swan Lake

From 19 to 27 January 2021, organized by Wu Promotion, Shanghai Ballet will stage The White-Haired Girl and Swan Lake in Beijing and Tianj...

Nov 13,2020

Special Peripheries for Special 2020

Multiple series of peripheral gifts with a thoughtful design inspired by a wide range of classical art groups and artists have been publis...

Feb 29,2020

With 13,000 music fans attending, the 2019 China Tour of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra drew to a close

The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra honored as “a heavenly orchestra for classical music”, visited China for the 3rd time...

Feb 29,2020

With six concerts in thirteen days the Lucerne Festival was brought to China in 2019

From June 26th-29th, 2016, Lebanon witnesses the successful performances by China National Acrobatic Troupe.

Feb 29,2020

“Opera’s Mekka” Landed in Shanghai With the Full Line-up – Teatro alla Scala Mounted Mozart by “One Stage, Two Sets”

Teatro alla Scala, hailed as “the world’s opera centre”, embarked on an unprecedented tour in China...

Feb 29,2020

Five sensational concerts in 10 days by Bamberg Symphony

Led by its chief conductor Jakub Hrůša, the Bamberg Symphony (BS) along with pianist Vilde Frang was present...

Feb 29,2020

The China tour of the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra and a New Year Carnival named after Tchaikovsky

The Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra – the first radio symphony orchestra of the Soviet Union with a long history...

Feb 29,2020

The 2019 Mariinsky Festival in China was successfully held presenting symphony music, opera and ballets

The Mariinsky Theatre presented in China from November 20 to December 7 a colorful festival of sixteen performances...

Oct 29,2019

Teatro alla Scala Ballet Company unveiled the National Grand Theatre Dance Festival with two classic ballets

Hailed as the best embodiment of Italian ballet, the La Scala Theatre Ballet toured in China on 2-13 August...

Oct 29,2019

The European Tour of Singapore Chinese Orchestra in 2019

As Singapore’s flagship arts group and the only state-run professional orchestra dedicated to Chinese music...

Oct 29,2019

St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra honored the Sino-Russian Diplomatic Relationship with "My Motherland Tour"

St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra travelled from 9 to 16 September to in five Chinese cities ...