Wu Production


More and more first-class art groups are being brought to the Chinese audience these days, and we are also aware of the increasing demand for Chinese art among the global audience. Therefore, we’ve decided to build our own brand ”Wu Production”. By collaborating with outstanding Chinese art groups, Wu Promotion targets at building an independent international brand. Drawing on our long-term experiences, we select the best groups and ideas and create our own productions which represent the top level of Chinese performing arts. These high quality and typical Chinese production are promoted through the network we have established over the years which reaches to every corner of the world. At present, we own two wonderful productions -- The Grand Chinese New Year Concert and Peking Opera Festival. Since its debut in The Wiener Musikverein in 1998, The Grand Chinese New Year Concert has become the most popular Chinese music concert for the fans and audience abroad, and Peking Opera Festival, with successful editions in Europe, Brazil the US and Russia, is considered as another important brand in promoting Chinese traditional art and culture.



The Grand Chinese New Year Concert is one of the most successful unconventional concert formats worldwide.

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Wu Promotion collaborate with the Jingju Theatre Company of Beijing, Beijing’s most renowned Peking Opera Troupe, and launched a new project called “Peking Opera Festival”.

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