St. Petersberg Philharmonic Orchestra, 2016


Tour Dates: 7th - 12th June, 2016

Theatertreffen in China, 2016


Tour Dates: June 21-25 (Common Ground), June 25-30 (John Gabriel Borkman), June 3-9 (Waiting for Godot).

Royal Danish Ballet, 2016


Tour Dates: 16th - 26th June, 2016


Wu Promotion cooperated with the China Philharmonic Orchestra (CPO) and accomplished "Maritime Silk Road Tour 2016".

As Rudolf Buchbinder entered into his 70th year, “PHIDEON Classical Music Tour: Rudolf Buchbinder & Staatskapelle Dresden China Tour 2016”...

In April 2016, 22 dancers from the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève brought A Midsummer Night's Dream - a contemporary ballet adapted from...

The 19th CNYC tour lasted 21 days with 11 performances, crossing over 19 cities and 4 countries. 

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