Staatskapelle Dresden, Germany, 2018


Tour Dates: 20th October - 29th October, 2018  Venue: National Centre For The Performing Arts, Guangzhou Xinghai Concert Hall, Macao Cultural Centre

The Mariinsky Theatre Ballet, Russia, 2018


Tour Dates: 10th - 16th December, 2018  Tour Cities: Nanjing, Tianjin

Wiener Philharmoniker, Austria, 2018


Tour Dates: 25th November - 3rd December, 2018  Venue: Tianjin Grand Theatre, Guangzhou Xinghai Concert Hall, Shanghai Oriental Art Center

Lucerne Festival in Shanghai, 2018


Tour Dates: 16th - 23rd October, 2018  Venue: Shanghai Symphony Hall, China Shanghai International Arts Festival

The Grand Chinese New Year Concert, 2019


Tour Dates: 15th January - 10th February, 2019  Tour Cities: Hamburg, Stuhr, Bonn, Brussels, Como, Luzern, Liechtenstein, Erl, Budapest, Dresden, Warsaw

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Continuing the success of the 1st Mariinsky Festival in China initiated in 2016, Wu Promotion has consecutively presented it for the 3rd time in 2018.

China Philharmonic Orchestra brought to Moscow and St Petersburg three exceptional musical works that were witnessed...

The Guangzhou Youth Symphony Orchestra delighted the audiences of three European summer festivals...

Co-promoted by Wu Promotion and Berlin Theatre Festival, organized by the Tianjin Grand Theatre...

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