Ju Percussion Group's 2012 University Mainland China Tour

On November 9th, Ju Percussion Group (JPG) performed at the Mengminwei Concert Hall of Tsinghua University...

Playing Drumming Fest passionately at the Mengminwei Concert Hall of Tsinghua University

On November 9th, Ju Percussion Group (JPG) performed at the Mengminwei Concert Hall of Tsinghua University, opening its 2012 tour in the top universities in Mainland China called "From the Heartbeat Sound" in the period of November 9th to 19th. The tour provided a precious opportunity for the students to get acquainted with percussion music.

Artistic Director Ju Tzong-Ching and his percussion fans

As a well-known Taiwanese performing ensemble, JPG has become very popular and gained an international reputation due to its passionate performance, creative style, and powerful thoroughgoing rhythms. The founder and Artistic Director Ju Tzong-Ching mentioned that this is the fifteenth time that JPG came to Mainland China, but this time the tour was much more extensive. In his interview given before the tour, he also expressed the wish that the tour would contribute to a better understanding of percussion music among students.

The performance in the Mengminwei Concert Hall left a deep impression on the audience. During the concert, they performed: Visional Train by Kazuhiro MAMADA, To the God of Rhythm by Nebojsa J. Zivkovic, Solar Myth by Chang Chiung-Ying, Short Circuits by Lalo Davila and Drumming Fest by Ho Honh-Chi etc. The audience enjoyed the performance very much; they applauded passionately and sometimes even shouted "Bravo" during the intervals. The youngest among the audience, cheerfully shook their bodies along with the rhythm of the music. After the program, the audience kept on applauding, not wanting them to leave; they had to come back to the stage time after time. The audience was so much amused by the hilarious encores that they burst into laughter. The audience was exited and crowded around Artistic Director Ju Tzong-Ching after the performance to get his signature and take a picture together.