Marina Lomazov – The Diva of the Piano

Marina Lomazov arrived in Beijing earlier this month on the 20th of April. This was her first tour in China and it turned out to be a true success.

Marina Lomazov arrived in Beijing earlier this month on the 20th of April. This was her first tour in China and it turned out to be a true success. Known as 'diva of the piano', Lomazov has established herself as one of the most active musicians on the concert scene today. Her splendid performances in Europe and the U.S. have astonished the musical world and she has been praised from all sides. After successfully performing recitals at Carnegie Hall and other esteemed concert halls, she extends her professional career to include China.

Lomazov's tour visited several cities including Dalian, Shenyang and Yingkou. Her brilliant and impeccable skills, steady control as well as unique interpretation of the score, amerced her audience completely into the concert; it was a great musical experience. The most notable piece of the evening was Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Moussorgsky. When Lomazov played this piece she embodied both the deep and profoundly emotional sound be held by Russian musicians and the adventurous, passionate performing style of American musicians. For Lomozov, it was not hard to master such a difficult piece. The audience was amazed because in China it is rare to hear such a virtuosic performance – the sound was magnificent. After the show, Marina said, "In my opinion Picture at an Exhibition is the most interesting piece of program and I was happy to share it with the audience."

"Technical power and brilliance can be expected from Russian-trained pianists, but not many combine them with this high degree of musicality."
-International Music Foundation Website (July 2001), Chicago, IL, Dan Tucker

Lomozov's program included many styles as she played pieces from different periods.

Firstly, Schubert's work from Moments Musicaux, op. 94 which was composed during the romantic period and followed by contemporary composer William Bolcom's Serpent's Kiss. She also played Claude Debussy's long program, Images Book I, that illustrates French impressionism and finally Rachmaninoff's Prelude that exemplifies the profound Russian classical music style. Her direct, intense and magnificent performance is like a tempest that strokes the heart of each audience member. After the show, cheers and applause remained for a long time; the audience was so involved that they seemed to have forgotten that it had reached an end. An American newspaper once commented on Lomozov's playing "Lomazov has a velvet touch… [Her] fingers were amazingly independent, creating an enormous spectrum in her sound palette. Lomazov has a captivating demeanor to her playing…" -The Salt Lake City Tribune (July 1998), UT, Jeff Manookian

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