Great Success of NCPA Orchestra’s First Domestic Tour

From 10 to 17 April, the NCPA Orchestra has finished its first national tour in China with great success...


From 10 to 17 April, with conductor LÜ Jia, violinist Siqing Lu, soprano SONG Yuanming, tenor WANG Chong, the NCPA Orchestra has finished its first national tour in China with great success, leaving behind amazing and unforgettable moments in Nanjing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Changsha, Shenzhen and Guangzhou with their professional and exquisite skills.

The average attendance of the six concerts was over 90%, with Nanjing, Wuhan and Shenzhen sold out. The Shanghai concert was one of the best attended symphony concerts at the venue after the epidemic.

The tour drew an overwhelming response from the audience, many of whom said that the orchestra has ranged the best domestic orchestra in their minds. With this tour, the NCPA Orchestra has proven their strength among the leading orchestras in China, reflecting their status as an outstanding navigator in the development of Chinese musical life.

In the future, we look forward to more exciting tours for the orchestra, giving more fans the opportunity to enjoy their passionate and energetic stage presence.

NCPA Orchestra 2021 China Tour Reviews


4.10  Jiangsu Grand Theatre

©Jiangsu Grand Theatre

On the evening of April 10, the orchestra’s commissioned new work by the Chinese composer Julian Yu “Evolution” was performed at the Jiangsu Grand Theatre, the official opening of the NCPA Orchestra China tour in Nanjing, with a full house.


4.11  Shanghai Oriental Arts Center


On April 11, the NCPA Orchestra arrived in Shanghai, and took the stage at the Shanghai Oriental Arts Center, being attended to support the orchestra by the 96-year-old conductor Cao Peng, the renowned director Chen Xinyi, as well as conductors Zhang Guoyong and Xu Zhong, composer Tan Dun, violinist Huang Mengla, pianist Sun Yingdi, oboist Liu Mingjia and partners and friends from Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shanghai Concert Hall, Shanghai Opera House and Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra.


4.13  Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall

©Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall

©Wu Promotion

On April 13, the orchestra visited the “Hero city” in Wuhan, presenting the largest symphony concert to Qintai Concert Hall since the hall resumed offline performances.


4.14  Changsha Concert Hall


©Wu Promotion

On April 14, the orchestra arrived at the Changsha Concert Hall to give its first presence in Changsha city thrilling the fans and audiences. With the classic melody of “Liuyang River”, the orchestra has successfully spent the halfway point of this tour.


4.16  Shenzhen Concert Hall


On April 16, the NCPA Orchestra continued its southward journey to Shenzhen Concert Hall. The orchestra presented the second set of repertoire for Shenzhen audience, performing excerpts from Verdi’s operas and Brahm’s works.


4.17  Guangzhou Grand Theatre

©Guangzhou Grand Theatre


On April 17, the orchestra arrived in Guangzhou, the final city of this tour, and continued to give unparalleled and superb performances to the audiences at the Guangzhou Opera House. Although this tour has come to an end, we believe that it is definitely a historic beginning of the regularity of the NCPA Orchestra’s domestic tour.


Behind the Stage

There are various interesting and precious moments between the performances.

Arrive at Jiangsu Grand Theatre ©Wu Promotion

©Wu Promotion

Conductor LÜ Jia with music fans

The orchestra arrived in Wuhan ©Wu Promotion

Birthday celebration for the orchestra member ©Wu Promotion

Before the Guangzhou concert ©Wu Promotion

Rehearsal for Guangzhou concert