“Diary of John Rabe” was Acclaimed by European Mainstream Theatres, Opera Fans, and Chief Critics

Thirteen days, 8400 overseas audiences, and five shows – Diary of John Rabe, a new contemporary opera (a touring production)...

Thirteen days, 8400 overseas audiences, and five shows – Diary of John Rabe, a new contemporary opera (a touring production), co-produced by Jiangsu Culture Investment Management Group and Jiangsu Performing Arts Group and presented by Jiangsu Grand Theatre and Jiangsu Performing Arts Group, hit the world’s mainstream theatres, enthralled the local opera fans, and won critical acclaim from both Chinese and foreign media. The tour was concluded successfully in Europe in July after debut performances at Berlin State Opera, Elbe Philharmonic Hall in Hamburg, and Ronacher Theatre in Vienna, marking the first time that a China-made opera was mounted at the three world-renowned stages. Wu Promotion was honored to be trusted and chosen as the official tour agency by Jiangsu Culture Investment Management Group, Jiangsu Performing Arts Group, and Jiangsu Grand Theatre, and celebrated the accolade of achievement along with the team of Diary of John Rabe.

During the tour in Europe, Diary of John Rabe received much care and support from the Chinese Embassy in Germany and Austria and from the Chinese Consulate General in Hamburg as well. The performances were attended by some Chinese diplomats including Mr. Wu Ken (Chinese Ambassador to Germany), Mr. Du Xiaohui (Chinese Consul General in Hamburg), Mr. Liu Chang (Chargé d'affaires ad interim from the Chinese Embassy in Austria), and Mr. Chen Ping (Minister Counsellor for Cultural Affairs from the Chinese Embassy in Austria), all of whom were deeply moved and spoke highly of the opera. Many overseas media, such as Berlin Morgenpost, Das Opernlas (a prestigious opera magazine in Germany), Hamburger Abendblatt, Berliner Woche, and KURIER, paid close attention to the tour event.

 “The plot, the actors’ showmanship, and the musicians’ playing are unarguably first-rate, reminding the audiences of the times past as if the history happened in front of their eyes. I was greatly impressed by the music. Mr. Rabe’s boundless love was portrayed wholeheartedly with a perfectly cooperative orchestra. As a Viennese, I grew up with music, but it was my very first time to hear an opera so Chinese, so awe-inspiring. Differing from the operas we often hear, it illustrates the true history, with a pervading feeling of sadness. Very impressive!” – Dr. Teresa Indjein, Head of the Cultural Division at the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In view of our international friends, the Europe Tour of Diary of John Rabe – a work of thankfulness and reminiscences – is a call for enormous compassion and love. Only justice can cease war and lead the world into a civilized land, where shines the history with a peace mission to be fulfilled.