St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra 2017 China Tour brings genuine Russian music to China

From 28 April to 13 May, under the leadership of Artistic Director & Conductor Alexander Dmitriev and conductor Vladimir Altschuler...

From 28 April to 13 May, under the leadership of Artistic Director & Conductor Alexander Dmitriev and conductor Vladimir Altschuler, the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra successfully completed its 2017 China Tour. This is the second time the orchestra has come to China after its first collaboration with Wu Promotion in 2015.

The performances at the NCPA on 28 & 29 April were conducted by maestro Alexander Dmitriev, with the orchestra taking four curtain calls and treating the audience to four encores to rapturous and lasting applause. On 30 April, the orchestra was conducted by Vladimir Altschuler at the Dalian Development Area Grand Theatre. Here, the orchestra presented masterpieces by composers Igor Fedorovitch Stravinsky and Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. On 7 May, the Zhuhai Grand Theatre enjoyed a full house as maestro Alexander Dmitriev and conductor Vladimir Altschuler came on stage in succession, once again displaying the good spirit of inheritance and persistence of the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra.

It is worth mentioning that 2017 is the 40th anniversary of artistic director and conductor Alexander Dmitriev’s tenure of this wonderful orchestra. As he comes to China with Wu Promotion in this special year, he is looking forward to further cooperation with Wu Promotion in the future.

On 9 May, the orchestra came to the Changsha Concert Hall, where the performance of ‘Liuyang River’ perfectly mirrored the cultural exchanges between China and Russia. On 11 May, Suzhou Poly Theatre welcomed its first symphony concert with the wonderful Russian sound. On 13 May, the tour ended at Shanghai’s Chenshan Park. With special guests, principal dancers and first soloists from St. Petersburg’s Mika Lovskey Theatre, the orchestra gave Shanghai audiences a specially tailored romantic ballet ball with selections from ‘Swan Lake’, ‘Cinderella’, ’The Nutcracker’ and ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

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