Rudolf Buchbinder concludes his successful 2017 China Tour with Complete Beethoven Sonatas

Piano maestro Rudolf Buchbinder once again dedicates the 32 Beethoven Sonatas to China at the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall.

The 70 years old Viennese pianist Rudolf Buchbinder is firmly established as one of the world’s foremost musicians. His performances of Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn are considered the most authoritative interpretations in the world. In the spring of 2017, Wu Promotion has arranged an elaborate ‘Beethoven Full Course’ for classical music aficionados in March to celebrate this great composer. Piano maestro Rudolf Buchbinder has been invited to perform at the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall. This was the second time Buchbinder performs the pianist “Bible” since Beijing International Music Festival in 2012.

Now aged 71 and with never-ending charme, Rudolf Buchbinder is still as energetic as before. He gave seven rapturous concerts for Chinese audiences featuring all 32 of Beethoven’s piano sonatas, which were well received by his excited fans in Shanghai, with all 3,478 tickets being sold. Nearly 400 concertgoers bought full sets of tickets for all seven concerts. In 2017 China Tour, audiences had the chance to feel and enjoy the spirit of Ludwig van Beethoven through Buchbinder’s splendid performances.

After his tour at the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall in 2017, Buchbinder commented that the Beethoven sonata set is a mountain that no pianist can avoid, but one which many players easily give up on. Only very few pianists among thousands are able to complete the full set of compositions. However, Buchbinder can manage this incredible feat even in his seventies, which is remarkable.