The 20th Grand Chinese New Year Concert makes its mark abroad

In 50 days, over four hundred musicians have completed the 4 routes by giving performances on the stages of 27 historical cities in 14 countries...

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Watch the 20th Grand Chinese New Year Concert at Berliner Philharmonie
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As one of the cultural projects under the label “2017 Happy Chinese New Year” organized by the Chinese Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China, the 20th Grand Chinese New Year Concert Tour concluded its 50 days overseas tour in Hamburg, Germany on Feb 22nd. In 50 days, over four hundred musicians from Guangdong National Orchestra of China, Chinese Traditional Orchestra of the China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater, Zhejiang Traditional Orchestra and Shaanxi Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra have completed the 4 routes by giving performances on the stages of 27 historical cities in 14 countries.


The Sound of China prevails in Europe

On January 16, the second tour of the 20th Grand Chinese New Year Concert officially started in Europe. Nearly 100 musicians from the Chinese Traditional Orchestra of China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater arrived at Budapest Palace of Arts in Hungary - the first venue of the tour, and received warm welcome. The evening concert was fantastic and the audiences were not willing to leaving the hall until the orchestra finished their third encore piece. Tickets in Budapest、Lucerne and Erl has been sold out at the early of January. On 27th January, the Orchestra spent their second spring festival eve with Wu Promotion at Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Luzern (KKL) in Switzerland.The concert on the Spring Festival Eve in Lucerne was definitely a success, after encores, the whole orchestra went off the stage, yet cheers and applauds continued till the lights of the hall were finally turned on.


Historic debuts on the stages of world's top venues

On 25th, the third tour led by Shaaxi Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra and Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Orchestra started from the iconic arts palace- Marrinsky Theatre in St.Petersburg. This epic debut made by CNYC in 2017 was shared with the whole world by the online streaming broadcast. One significant meaning for this tour is that these two orchestra presented the authentic traditional Chinese music to the world during Chinese spring festival. Instead of spending this reunion time with families, musicians continued their journey to Finland、Estonia、Latvia and spent the Chinese New Year Eve in Tampere Hall in Finland. From Feb 1st to 9th, Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Orchestra and Shanxi Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra completed their debut in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. They later performed at the world-renowned Barbican Centre in London, UK. The last remarkable concert in Moscow International Performing Art Center, Russia completed their tour.


The Grand Chinese New Year Concert dazzles the audiences in Germany

From Feb 16th to 22nd, Guangdong National Orchestra of China started its tour in Germany. They performed five amazing concerts in five major German cities being Bremen, Essen, Dresden, Berlin and Hamburg. After 20 years, the Grand Chinese New Year Concert finally visited Berlin Philharmonic Hall again where the musicians were enthusiastically welcomed by the audience. This concert was live-streamed via as well, which is known as the largest online platform for classical music. The talent of Chinese traditional musicians still resonates around the world on

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Silk Road tour honors the diplomatic relations between countries

The 20th Grand Chinese New Year Concert (CNYC) officially started on 10 Jan, 2017 in Astana Philharmonic Hall by Guangdong National Orchestra along the historical Silk Road. This first concert tour of 2017 CNYC lasted 10 days with 11 performances, crossing over 4 cities and 2 countries (Kazakhstan、Tajikistan).The orchestra was played for a total audience of nearly 4,000 people. Concert halls in Astana、Almaty and Dushanbe were overwhelmed with the sound of traditional Chinese instruments like Guzheng、Erhu、Suona、Yangqin、Chaozhou Luogu and so on. The Guangdong National Orchestra received standing ovations in each concert hall. The deputy counselor of Chinese Consulate General in Almaty, Kazakhstan made his speech at the press conference that the Grand Chinese New Year Concert organized by Wu promotion is of great significance to the cultural exchange between China and Kazakhstan in 2017 which marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between two countries.

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