Mariinsky Festival, Russia, 2019

Tour Dates: 20th November - 8th December, 2019




The Mariinsky Orchestra, Russia, 2019

Artistic & General Director: Valery Gergiev
Tour Dates: 20th November - 28th November, 2019
The Mariinsky Orchestra is one of the oldest musical ensembles in Russia.It can trace its history back to the early 18th century...

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© State Academic Mariinsky Theatre

Mariinsky Theatre Ballet, Russia, 2019

Tour Dates: 25th November - 8th December, 2019
The Mariinsky Ballet is closely linked with the entire history of the development of Russian choreographic art which began more than two and a half centuries ago.

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© Mariinsky Threatre

The Mariinsky Opera, Russia, 2019

Tour Dates: 24th November, 2019
The history of the Mariinsky Opera Company dates back to 1783 when Empress Catherine II issued a decree on the establishment of a theatre committee.

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