ThiagoBertoldi, Brazil, 2015

Tour Dates: 22 May - 27 May, 2015

Born in July, 1986 in São Paulo city, ThiagoBertoldi began his piano studies at Musical Conservatory Villa Lobos in Garça...

Tour Dates
  • 22 May - 27 May, 2015


22nd May, 19:45  Shanghai Oriental Art Center
25th May, 19:30  Forbidden City Concert Hall, Beijing
27th May 20:00 Guangzhou Opera House

Credit Suisse China 2015 Chamber Music Circle

Born in July, 1986 in São Paulo city, ThiagoBertoldi began his piano studies at Musical Conservatory Villa Lobos in Garça, state of São Paulo and then was accepted as an university student at the renowned Academy of Music Franz Liszt from Budapest Hungary and finished his master degree in “Performance” in 2014, he also joined the Sousa Lima Conservatory, in São Paulo, where he studied chamber music for 4 years, under the guidance of Ana Maria Viera de Melo.  Currently he developed a job as a contract teacher Institute of Musical Education KÓDALY Zoltán from Budapest, Hungary.

He won the 3rd place at the XI Piano Sousa Lima Competition-SP in 2002, the 2nd place at the National Competition ArnaldoEstrella-MG in 2004, the 2nd place in the categories of Piano and Orchestra with Pianistic Duos at the XVII Piano Art livre Competition-SP in 2005, the 3rd place and the award of best Performer of Brazilian Music at the  National Piano Contest from the Belo Horizonte-MG in 2006, the Eleazar de Carvalho Prize International Winter Festival from Campos de Jordão in 2008 and participated in the IV Music Festival in Ourinhos, where he studied with Eudóxia de Barros, being awarded as the best pianist classical piano class. In the same year, he won the Eleazar de Carvalho Prize, 39º International Winter Festival from Campos de Jordão, being the only one to win this prestigious award in the category of piano until that date, receiving a scholarship that allowed him to hold his first year of studies in Europe.

He presented in solo recitals and chamber music in many cities in Brazil and abroad: São Paulo, São João Del Rey-MG, Maria Luisa, Lins and so on.

While chamber music performances are relatively rare in China, Credit Suisse China Chamber Music Circle has been held successfully for 8 consecutive years. It continues to enrich the experience of Chinese music lovers.

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