Altamirano José Luis, Mexico, 2007

Tour Dates: 14 Jun - 30 Jun, 2007

José Luis Altamirano 

Born in Guadalajara, Jadisco Mexico June 2nd 1974.

He started to study music when he was 10 years old by the direction of his teacher Edgar Couttolenc. The master Altamirano has made tours around the world in countries such as Canada, Caribean Islands, Belgium, France, Hungary, Argentina, USA and Mexico.


In 1996, Altamirano was selected as the best pianist in Mexico to give private recitals in Maxim’s Paris. In March 2006, he performed the canon of pachelbel in Paris with his own arrangement for important people from the government on the Eiffel Tower.

Caribean Islands 

In 1997, the Mexican pianist was awarded by the line of cruisers carnival to have given a concert on the ocean.


In 2001, he was chosen by the Hungarian Conservatory to study a master to improve the technique and improvisation in piano. He has worked 12 years to finish his first project as a composer and he recorded “Inspiration” (his first production) live in concert in Budapest with his own master pieces.

He was accepted by the Hungarian Conservatory from all over the world. Only ten musicians including himself has gained this honour so far.


In 2004, Altamirano went to New York to record his second production “Historias” in one of the best studios in the world “The Hit Factory” where he is the composer and arranger of all the projects.

He has also presented his music in Texas, California, Missouri, Nevada, etc.

Canada and Belgium

He made different private concerts in 1994 and 2000.


He made a tour in July 2006.


In 2003, he presented his “Inspiration” in on the of most important theatres in Mexico that is named Theatro Degollado (sold out). In 2004, 2005 and 2006, he was rewarded by Guadajalajara city as one of the best musicians to give many concerts to more than 10,000 people. In October 2004, the President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, invited Altamirano to give concerts for Mexican government. In April, May and June, he was invited by the best composer in Mexico, Juan Gabriel, to perform on his shows at the Auditario Nacional in Mexico city for 12,000 people and in the international music festival Acapulco “Aca Fest” as well. In June 2005, the pianist Raul di Blasio invited Altamirano to play in two of his concerts in Mexico. He has also taken part of the tours with different artists such as Cristian Castro, Ricardo Arjona, Manuel Mijares, Francisco Cespedes, Tania Libertad and etc.