Trio 3:0, Austria/Germany, 2015

Tour Dates: 21th May - 1st June, 2015

Plenty of people can play correctly; not so many can play well; but playing aesthetically – only the best can do that.


Tour Dates
  • 21st May - 1st June, 2015


Alexander Vavtar, piano
Eva Steinschaden, violin
Detlef Mielke, cello

22nd May, 19:00 Meng Minwei Concert Hall, Tsinghua University (Tickets)
24th May, 19:30 Anhui Arts Center (0551-3633372)
25th May, 19:30 Yangzhou Concert Hall(Tickets)
26th May, 19:30 Nanjing Arts Centre 025- 84797929
28th May, 19:30 Fuling Grand Theatre (Tickets)
29th May, 19:30 Chongqing Guotai Arts Centre(Tickets)
31st May, 19:30 Banlam Grand Theater (Tickets)

Plenty of people can play correctly; not so many can play well; but playing aesthetically – only the best can do that. We're speaking about football, of course – or what were you thinking? Music, maybe? Well, quite right – 3:0 for you! Also for the musicians of the Trio 3:0, because they play as only the best do – with elegance, precision and depth, revelling in classical artifice and contemporary capers. Mozart, Brahms, Cerha– go-o-oal! The most important thing is not victory, however – in music as in football. Far more important is playing, team spirit and committment.

In 2006 to celebrate Mozart's 250th birthday, Eva Steinschaden, Detlef Mielke and Alexander Vavtar found themselves performing together on world premiere of a chamber opera by the Austrian composer Ludwig Nussbichler, which was their very first collaboration. The press reported: " Certainly one of the most unpretentious and lasting contributions to the Mozart celebrations”. It was only until 2012, after a few more triumphing and overwhelming collaborations, they decided to found their own trio, bringing together their respectively experience in chamber music as well as the rich tradition and spirit of classical music from Austria and Germany.


"Performed with great natural musicality and enthusiasm."

- Friedrich Cerha, composer

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