KomischeOper Berlin made their debut in Asia
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On 10th - 12th September, KomischeOper Berlin finished their Asian debut in Shanghai Grand Theatre ...

On 10th - 12th September, KomischeOper Berlin finished their Asian debut in Shanghai Grand Theatre, all tickets were sold out, and including added extra seats. The performance was a great success; audiences quote “this performance of the magic flute was totally magical”.

Chosen by Shanghai Grand Theatre as the open performance of 2015/2016 season, the magic flute is been well received. It was produced by the KomischeOper Berlin, which was voted “Opera House of the Year” by 50 international opera journalists, along with the British theatre group 1927, which won five awards in total. Besides, “the magic flute” has become one of the hits of the Edinburgh International Festival.” (BBC)

Zhe Zhang, chief of SGT, Xiaoding Zhang, General Manager of SGT, 
Philip Bröking, the Operndirektor of Komische Oper Berlin, 
Conductor Kristiina Poska and main actors attended the Press conference in Shanghai Grand Theatre.

The Magic Flute as a silent movie is marrying many styles and eras with masterfully delivered music. Since its premiere in 2012, the Magic Flute has been staged more than 140 times in four countries (United States, Britain, Germany and Austria), wherever the audience highly enjoyed the show. Regarding its China debut, the Morning Post said, “this opera was created in the 18th century, interpreted by an opera house founded in the 19th century, with the silent movie style of the 20th century and the new technology from the 21st century, gave the Shanghai audience an unusual opera feast.”

Adrian Strooper, who acted the main role Tamino, was signing for the audience after the performance

Consul Generals of the Republic of Austria, Germany, the Swiss Confederation etc., watched the performance and had a pleasant backstage tour with the main actors.


The Asia debut of KomischeOper Berlin the Magic Flute, organized by Wu Promotion, took more than three years to make it happen. Thanks to Shanghai Grand Theatre and the audience. We feel grateful for the success of the Magic Flute.

Jochen Fischer, the Production Manager of Komische Berlin,
celebrating with Ms. Yu from Wu Promotion after the debut


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