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Since 1997, Wu Promotion has successfully established cultural links between China and the rest of the world by taking Chinese culture abroad. Amongst the Chinese troupes we have toured with, there are many renowned institutions such as the China Philharmonic Orchestra, the Beijing Symphony Orchestra, the Jingju Theater Company of Beijing, the China Central Opera and the Peking Kun Opera. We are active in over fifty cities in 30 foreign countries, from Europe, America to Africa.

The genre of music Wu Promotion brings abroad includes Chinese Traditional Music, Classical Music, Acrobatics and Dance & Theatre. Our regular overseas tour, the Grand Chinese New Year Concert tour has received great review around the world. We were delighted that the China National Acrobatic Troupe was received with great enthusiasm on its first tour to the Beiteddine Art Festival in Lebanon.The Beijing Symphony Orchestra made its debut at Carnegie Hall in New York, after taking part inthe 41st edition of the International Festival Cervantino in Mexico City, Guanajuato, Atizapán and Aguascalientes. Our very own production of a traditional Peking Opera Festival also proved to be very entertaining to the visitors of all 12 performances in Rio de Janeiro, São Paolo and Petrópolis, Brazil. These productions illustrate the international reach of Wu Promotion’s activities worldwide.


The traditional music of China dates back to the dawn of Chinese civilization and a well-developed musical culture was established as early as the Zhou Dynasty (1122 BC – 256 BC). Today Chinese traditional music continues a rich traditional heritage while developing into a more contemporary form for the world audience. Wu Promotion has been dedicated to promoting Chinese traditional music to the world for over two decades. Since the first Grand Chinese New Year Concert in 1998 in the Vienna Musikverein, featuring the best traditional orchestra of China, the concert has developed into an annually renowned cultural event in Europe.

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Classical music in China is thriving with the rapid development of the Chinese economy. With millions of Chinese children now studying classical instruments, China will soon become the largest source of classical music in the world. Particularly, influenced by the nurturing of the classical music scene, China is growing its number of accomplished orchestras and talented artists. Wu Promotion is proud to represent these individual artists and groups as they step onto the world stage of classical music.

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dance and theatre

Chinese opera and dance, such as Peking Opera and Kun Opera are the most representative and oldest forms of performing arts in China. Originating from many different areas, dialects and ethnic groups, they have developed different musical structures. Most of the productions are featuring classical stories which are considered to be the intangible artifacts of Chinese history during particular eras. Today many forms of Chinese dance and theatre are less known internationally. Wu Promotion is striving to preserve the great Chinese performing arts and promote them to the world audience.

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