Shanghai Symphony Orchestra finished their first South America Tour

Shanghai symphony Orchestra, under the baton of their Music Director, Long Yu, toured to South America for the first time. Organized by Wu Promotion, the orchestra staged ...

Shanghai symphony Orchestra, under the baton of their Music Director, Long Yu, toured to South America for the first time. Organized by Wu Promotion, the orchestra staged three concerts in Municipal Theatre (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Cidade Das Artes (Rio de Janeiro) and in Teatro Colon (Buenos Aires, Argentina) in the Period August 29- September 5. The concerts received great acclaim from the audiences and both Brazil and Argentina are looking forward to the return of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra.

SSO-News-8 Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, receiving standing ovation in Municipal Theatre © Renato Mangolin

For this tour, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra invited the renowned Russian violinist Maxim Vengerov to cooperate with the orchestra. For the first performance Vengerov played Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto in D major Op. 35. His performance was extraordinary and passionate, and the audience, moved by the strong emotions in the music, gave a standing ovation. For the other two concerts, Vengerov played The Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto, a well known Chinese composition by HeZhanhao and Chen Gang. According to Vengerov, who never had played Chinese compositions before, it was like “a discovery”.

The concerts in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, were received with initial curiosity and the audience was not sure what to expect from Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. Before they finished the first piece though, all doubts were gone and the orchestra received great applause in both venues. Margarita Maria, a 92 year old Shanghai born lady, attended the concert in Municipal Theatre. She came to Brazil in 1950, and never returned to Shanghai. Attending the Shanghai Symphony orchestra’s concert was a very special experience for her.

SSO-News-4 Margarita Maria; Shanghai Symphony Orchestra in Teatro Colon, photo: Shanghai Symphony Orchestra

Shanghai Symphony Orchestra’s last concert was staged in Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Teatro Colon is the biggest Italian style Opera house in the world, and has marvelous acoustics, about which conductor Long Yu and violinist Vengerov are still speaking off today. Shanghai Symphony Orchestra was the first Chinese orchestra to perform in Teatro Colon, and their concert attracted an audience of nearly 3500 people. The concert was a huge success or to quote he local ambito Financiero: “Guided by very talented and experienced Maestro Long Yu, the orchestra maintains its superlative level, as they showed on their performance…”.

With Maestro Long Yu, greeting the audiences in each theatre and thanking them for their warm welcome and applause, the tour become a great success. With this new big success in South America, Wu Promotion is looking forward to the next tour to this continent as well as to tour again with Shanghai Symphony Orchestra.

initpintu 2
Xiaorui Zhang, Project Manager of Wu Promotion,
waiting for Shanghai Symphony Orchestra at the airport.
Photo: Shanghai Symphony Orchestra;
The acclaimed Russian Violinist Vengerov with Jenny Rovira (consultant at Wu Promotion)

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