Shanghai Kunju Opera Troupe, China, 2015

Tour Dates: September, 2015

The National Theatre of Scotland has been entertaining audiences at home and beyond since February 2006.

Tour Dates
  • September, 2015

Tour Country: Europe

The Shanghai Kunju Opera Troupe, the former Shanghai Youth Beijing Opera and Kunju Opera Troupe, is a troupe under national protection and auspices. The main members of the troupe came from the Shanghai Drama School that specializes in young talent training in terms of acting, music and stagecraft. The first president of the troupe was Yu Zhenfei .

The Shanghai Kunju Opera Troupe has more than ten First Class National Performers of Wang Zhiquan, Fang Yang, Ji Zhenhua, Liu Yilong, Zhang Xunpeng, Zhang Mingrong, Zhang Jingxian, Yue Meiti, Liang Guyin, Cai Zhengren, Gu Haohao, Wu Shuang, Shen Yili, Li An, Ni Hong and Yu Bing, etc. Eight of them have been awarded the Chinese Plum Blossom Theatre Awards for Nine times, 18 of them have been awarded the Leading Role, Supporting Role and New Artist of Shanghai White Magnolia Performing Arts Prize. The troupe was awarded the first prize of “Promoting Kunju Opera” by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and was acclaimed as a first-class troupe with first-class actors, plays and performances. The troupes have a complete line team of the Kunju Opera performing actors and own a lot of famous the Kunju Opera performing artists.

The Shanghai Kunju Opera Troupe owns around 300 selected scenes and 60 full-length plays. Some of these plays have won national and municipal prizes. In 2008, Cai Zhengren, Ji Zhenhua, liang Guyin, Zhang Xunpeng, Liu Yilong, Yue Meiti and Zhang Jingxian was nominated representatives of the national intangible heritage. In 2010, The Palace of Eternal Youth was awarded Splendor Award for Professional Theatrical Artwork, which is the top award in arts category in China.

So far, the Shanghai Kunju Opera Troupe has won hign international reputation during its tours to the the United States, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia, KongKong, Macau and Taiwan. It has been dedicated to promote the excellent traditional Chinese drama and highly appreciated by the audiences all around the world.

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