Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, Europe Tour, 2015

Tour Dates: 26 January - 8 February, 2015

Founded in 1952, the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra is China's first big-scale modern Chinese orchestra. SHCO is famous for its excellent mastering of all kinds of works.

Tour Dates
  • 26 January - 8 February, 2015

26th January, 2015,   19:30,    Palace of Arts Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
29th January, 2015,   20:00,    Festspielhaus, Erl, Austria
31st January, 2015,   19:30,    KKL Luzern, Switzerland
1st February, 2015,   17:00,    Stadthalle Nürtingen, Germany
4th February, 2015,   20:15,    De Oosterpoort Groningen, the Netherlands
5th February, 2015,   20:00,    Gut Varrel Stuhr, Bremen, Germany
6th February, 2015,   20:00,    Essen Philharmonic, Essen, Germany
8th February, 2015,   19:00,    Staatstheater Cottbus, Cottbus, Germany

Shanghai Chinese Orchestra

Founded in 1952, the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra is China's first big-scale modern Chinese orchestra. SHCO is famous for its excellent mastering of all kinds of works. For more than fifty years, the Orchestra has been playing a major role in the development of Chinese music.
Located in Shanghai, SCHO boasts some of the most famous musicians in China. Its exceptionally wide repertoire includes modern orchestral works, as well as Chinese traditional pieces for smaller ensembles, such as string and wind ensembles (Jiangnan sizhu, “silk and bamboo ensemble of lower Yangtze”), plucked-string ensembles, percussion ensembles and others.

SHCO is actively engaged in composition, regularly commissioning new works which have contributed to enrich the Orchestra's repertoire. Among these works, many have been honored with some of China's most important prizes. “The Oriental River”, “The Sun Ritual”, and “Dream Interpretation” are now among the classics of Chinese music.

SHCO has performed throughout China and toured to dozens of countries and regions abroad. On the occasion of the Chinese New Year Concert (2001, 2003), SHCO has successfully performed in Vienna's Musikverein, garnering great acclaim from audiences and critics alike. In the past years, SCHO was invited to perform during the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit (2006), the ASEAN Summit (2006), the Special Olympic Games (2007), the Shanghai National Day Concert, (2008, 2010), and the Shanghai EXPO Week (2010). In 2012, SHCO carried out a twenty-day tour to the United States, receiving a warm welcome from the local audience.

Since 2006, the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra holds its own music season. Its discography includes several recordings of Chinese masterpieces. Thanks to its numerous and diversified audience, the SCHO is in reason considered one of today's major actors in the popularization of the Chinese national music.

Conductor: Wang Fujian

Wang Fujian is the Artistic Director of the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra. He is also the General Conductor and Artistic Director of the National Youth Chinese Orchestra, and chair of the Conducting Department of Beijing's Central Conservatory of Music.

In 1985, Wang pioneered to conduct the National Youth Chinese Orchestra to present a concert program including not only traditional pieces, but also contemporary compositions, thus bringing the development of Chinese orchestras to the next level.

Wang has led the National Youth Chinese Orchestra to attend many international music festivals and academic exchange in Asia and Europe. He has also successfully conducted the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, the Singapore Chinese Orchestra and the Taipei Municipal Chinese Orchestra.

From the 1990s on, Wang has been invited to conduct many Chinese contemporary works with orchestras both from home and abroad. He has also brought orchestras to perform in many countries and regions in Europe, America and Asia, always receiving a warm welcome from the audiences, curious about Chinese music and culture.

Since his appointment as Director of the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra in 2005, Wang has made a series of reformation, leading the Orchestra to a new era. It is under his baton, in 2006, that the Orchestra held its first concert season.

Concertmaster: Li Wei

Li Wei is the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra's Concertmaster (first erhu). He started practicing the erhu at the age of six. In 1978, he gained admission to the attached primary school of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, where he started to take regular music classes under the guidance of Prof. Chen Dacan. Ten years later, he tested into SCOM's Master Program, in which he was taught by Prof. Wu Zhimin. After his graduation in 1991, Li Wei entered the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra and was appointed concertmaster in 2008.

His playing style is fine and lively, easy and smooth. According to Ji Minrui's opinion, his unique understanding of the music flow makes his interpretation always full of enchantment and has the power to move people.

Pipa: Tang Xiaofeng

In 2002, he joined the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra. In 2008, he tested into Beijing’s Central Conservatory of Music with the highest marks, where he studied under the guidance of the great contemporary artist Zhang Qiang. In 2011, Tang Xiaofeng obtained China’s highest award, the Jinzhong Competition’s Silver Prize.

The music of Tang Xiaofeng has been heard on the four continents; with the SCHO, he has toured several foreign countries in Asia, America, Europe and Australia.
In recent years, he has performed as soloist with many renowned orchestras, including the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and the Taipei Municipal Orchestra. In 2013, the famous label Naxos produced and distributed a collection of his recordings.

Liuqin: Tang Yiwen

In the field of contemporary Chinese music, Tang Yiwen is one of the most outstanding young interpreters, and a real talent of her specialty. Her music is grounded to a solid base, her technique is matured and consummate, and her expression is incredibly powerful. Thanks to these qualities, she has been already regarded as one of the most interesting personalities in the field of Chinese instrumental music. Tang Yiwen studied at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. As the best student of the year, she was excused from the examination and directly admitted to SCOM’s Master Program.

In the school years, she has taken part in many competitions, always obtaining very good marks. She has won several 1st prizes, including the I National Liuqin Competition. After joining the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, Tang Yiwen has visited many foreign countries, playing as soloist in many prestigious concert halls.

Dizi: Jin Kai

In recent years, he has performed as soloist with many renowned orchestras, including the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and the Taipei Municipal Orchestra. In 2013, the famous label Naxos produced and distributed a collection of his recordings.

After Jin Kai joined the SCHO, he has successfully performed as soloist on many occasions. Besides, as member of the modern BAO Troupe, he had the chance to record many CDs and to go on several tours, every time receiving a very warm welcome from the local audience.

Dizi: Li Wanci

Native of Taiwan, Li Wanci’s playing style is sophisticated and suggestive. Although she feels confident with any kind of genre and composition, she gives her best with contemporary compositions, which she always interprets in a very personal way with surprising results, making both audience and critics spend favorable comments on each of her performances.

After entering the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, she has appeared as soloist in many important events.

She has toured in the United States, Latin America, Germany, Japan and many other countries, always receiving a warm welcome from the local audiences. In recent years, Li Wanci has devoted herself to enhance cultural exchange between Taiwan and Mainland China.


Moonlight on the Spring River, for the orchestra

Dizi Concerto (Alternative)
Saddening Empty Mountain   dizi: Jin Kai
The Soaring Song     dizi: Li Wanci

Plucked Instruments and the orchestra
The Bronze Drum Dance Music, for liuqin and the orchestra     liuqin: Tang Yiwen  

Concertos (Alternative)
Pastoral Song      cello: Chen Weiping (guest)
Yi Dance (for pipa and cello )   Pipa: Tang Xiaofeng  cello: Chen Weiping (guest)

God of the earth, for the orchestra


Dabo River Capriccio, for the orchestra

Riyue Mountain, for the orchestra 

The Silk Road, for the orchestra

Lyric Variation, for the orchestra
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