Benyamin Nuss, Germany, 2013

Tour Dates: 1 - 12 August, 2013

Benyamin Nuss was born in Germany in 1989 and his father was a well-known jazz trombonist in Europe. Benyamin showed his fascination and passion for music in his early childhood.

Tour Dates
  • 1 - 12 August, 2013

2 August, Anhui Art Center, 0551-3633372
3 August, Shanghai City Theatre, 021-54157496
4 August, Jiang Nan Theatre, 025-84507397
9 August, Banlam Grand Theatre, 400-880-2281
10 August, Tianjin Grand Auditorium, 022-28351443/88354397
11 August, National Center for the Performing Arts, 010-66550000

Benyamin Nuss was born in Germany in 1989 and his father was a well-known jazz trombonist in Europe. Benyamin showed his fascination and passion for music in his early childhood. He not only grew up with different musical genre but he could also not sleep without hearing music. While other children listen to bedtime stories, Benyamin's ritual bedtime lullaby was Beethoven's Symphony No. 9. His musical talent was discovered by his parents when he started to tinkle along the tune of "FreudeschöneGötterfunken" on the piano, as part of his `repertoire'. He finally started with piano lessons at the age of six.

He started lessons at the local music school when the family moved to a small town near Heilbronn. At the age of 10, he discovered Claude Debussy when he started playing "Children's Corner" and "Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum". He was so fascinated by the music that he started to work more seriously and intensively with the composer. Today, at 18, he reminisces about his love for impressionist composers like Debussy and Ravel who brought in colour and harmony into their music. This was later followed by his growing interests for the romantics and today, Rachmaninov, Liszt and Chopin are some of his favourite composers. Other admired include also Mozart and Haydn.

This rather reserved young pianist has an exceptional feeling for melodies. His ability to feel and understand and therefore experiencing the intentions of the composers is highly developed for his age. To Benyamin Nuss, music is everything, whether at home on his piano or at jazz concerts of his father's.

One can best understand him when he is at the piano. His performance is different, different to many other classical pianists who try to impress the audience with their perfect technical virtuosity. Natually, Benyamin Nuss would like to impress as well, but in a different way. He believes that technique is just a means to an end.

A crucial point for him is the feeling for the composition, the emotion involved. It is no wonder that many of his role models are Russian pianists who bring in their melancholic spirits into their playing. Some of his favourite pianists include Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, ArcadiVolodos, Vladimir Horowitz and Sviatoslav Richter. This good-looking young artist sees music as the best this world has to offer. It is with music that he is able to express himself and to intensively develop his train of thought which for him is not possible in other forms. He tries to give every note its meaning and to transpose it, this can be felt when one hears him. It is important for him to know the background and personality of the composersfor by understanding them he will be able to go into the depths of their music. His conception of music is to be able to interprete the music in such a way that the audience can feel with him the intensity of the music.Together with his own emotion he would like to awaken the emotion of the audience, to feel the tension among the listeners and to communicate with them through his performance. What makes Benyamin Nuss interestingis his extraordinary sensitivity and maturity in terms of music, despite his young age.

since 2006: Student (for gifted youths) with Prof. IljaScheps at Cologne Music Conservatory

Competitions and Honours

1999 – 2003: 1st prizes in "Jugendmusiziert" a national youth music competition
2003: Bernd Alois-Zimmermann Prize from the city of Erftstadt
2004 : 1st prize "BundeswettbewerbJugendmusiziert" in Villingen-Schwenningen; categorie: Duo Piano and Brass Instrument with Jonathan Nuss
2005: 1st prize "BundeswettbewerbJugendmusiziert" in Erlangen, category: Piano solo
2005: 1st prize Steinway Piano Competition in Hamburg
2006: 1st prize Thurmer Piano Competition in Bochum
2006: 1st prize and a prize for the best Mozart interpretation, Prix d'AmadeoJeunesse International Piano Compétition, Netherlands
2007: Bonn Bonnensis Prize from the city of Bonn
Since 2006: Music stipendium from Werner Richard – Dr. Carl Dörken
2008: Selected as young musician: Best of NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia)