Elisa D'Auria, Italy, 2011
Tour Dates
  • 1 Dec - 12 Dec, 2011

Tour Dates: 1 Dec - 12 Dec, 2011

"Elisa D'Auria, who appeared bashful and shy, showed to possess such a big determination and strength of mind..."

Ticket Information:

2nd Dec, Shanghai Oriental Art Center, hot-line: 021-68541234
10th Dec, Guangzhou Tianhe Cultural Centre, hot-line: 020-39792237/ 39792207


Elisa D’Auria has been a featured soloist of many orchestras since her debut at the age of twelve, including the Orquestra de Mallorca, the Bacau Philarmonic Orchestra, the Philarmonia Mediterranea Orchestra and the Alaleona Theater Orchestra. These performances gave her the opportunity to collaborate with important Italian and foreign conductors such as Ovidiu Balan, Luigi De Filippi, Dario Garegnani, Nicola H. Samale, Barry Sargent and Florin Totan. Her repertoire includes rare works, such as the Concerto for Piano and Orchestra by Ignaz Brüll, which she performed for the first time in Italy in 2006. Elisa has been invited to perform at distinguished festivals and venues in Italy and abroad by prominent musical associations. These have included appearances as a soloist and with orchestras in Austria, Spain, France, Germany, Holland and Switzerland.

In 1993 she won the selection “Enfant Prodige” of the “Heinrich Neuhaus” association and recorded a CD with music by Schumann and Tchaikovsky. In 1996 she was the Italian winner of the “Mozart International Piano Competition”, playing in Eurovision. She has won numerous prizes and special mentions in international competitions, such as “Vila de Capdepera International Piano Competition” (III Prize), “Anton Rubinstein International Piano Competition” (Special Prize) and “Carlo Vidusso International Piano Competition” (I Prize). In 2008, she was awarded the prestigious Marco Koliqi Prize and in 2010 she won the Second Prize (First Prize not awarded) at the “Chopin–Schumann Piano Competition, special edition of the bicentenary”. She has also received scholarships from “Accademia Franco Ferrara”, the Rotary Club Milano-San Babila, the “Scuola di Musica” in Fiesole, amongst others.

Chamber music is also something Elisa also loves dedicating herself to. She took part in a performance of the complete series of violin and piano sonatas by Mozart and Beethoven in several important Italian venues. Since 2007, she has performed regularly with the French violinist Fanny Clamagirand.  

 She has featured in many television and radio broadcasts throughout Europe. In 2007 she was the special guest of the “Il Pianista” broadcast on Radio Classica, where she will play again in 2010/2011 season with Fanny Clamagirand. She has recorded for the Musikstrasse label.

Elisa D’Auria went on to study in Edda Ponti’s class at the Conservatory of Milan. From 2003 to 2006 she was a pupil of Maria Tipo and Pietro De Maria in the “Scuola di Musica” in Fiesole. In 2004 she received her Masters Degree, summa cum laude, in harpsichord and fortepiano with Marina Mauriello. At the same conservatory, she also studied composition and counterpoint. 



"…Elisa D'Auria expressed a perfect technique and an exceptional musical talent..."

"...the critics already talk about her, is a star born? ...exceptional musicality and chronometric precision..."

"Elisa D'Auria is a talented musician who expressed her decisiveness and self- confidence... Her performance of Mozart's Concerto (K. 414 in A Major) showed a really strong technique and great musicality…"

"...a crystalline performance, full of meaning. The young artist has so skilfully expressed such depth of interpretation that listening to her with closed eyes would certainly bring to mind the pianistic figure of a mature musician in body and soul…"

"...in Beethoven op. 101 she was able to emphasize the free flowing of the musical speech... In the performance of Scriabin Sonata n. 2... Elisa gives a sample of the beauty of her touch, showing a precious variety of chromatic gradations... Elisa confirms herself as a virtuoso pianist, not only because her playing is supported by a firm technical preparation, which instils in her an unexpected strength and an extraordinary resistance in facing the performance of any repertoire, but also because her musical maturity allows her to play without imprecisions or excesses, but ability to control perfectly the economy of phrasing, tempos, breathing, always respecting the form. To all of this she adds a big mastery of the instrument and the naturalness with which she establishes an immediate and intense relationship with the audience... "

"Elisa D'Auria, who appeared bashful and shy, showed to possess such a big determination and strength of mind, worthy of a consummate musician and knew how to differentiate clearly the authors and the epochs, giving each one its style and its language, with limpid phrasing and precious touch..."

"... Elisa D'Auria drew the crowds, reaping ovations and glory... at the piano she recalls images of a consummate musician, shocking the audience for her preparation... Her crystalline performance and her mellow touch enchanted everybody..."

"...one of the most interesting talents of her generation.."

"...unforgettable interpretation of the ex-enfant prodigy Elisa D'Auria, it was a resounding success, showing a strong artistic personality..."

"...Elisa D'Auria, winner of the Mozart Prize, ... has developed an original style and a strong artistic personality... enthusiasm and determination characterize her..."

"... the pianist, already improving her mastery much earlier with prominent figures of the musical world, began to reap successes, amazing the audience with her impeccable technique, crystal-clear sound and a superior musical maturity..."

"A talent to keep an eye on... the young career of Elisa D'Auria has been exciting to date... a brilliant pianistic style... the technical mastery of the performer overwhelmingly emerged in Ravel's Jeux d'eau..."

"The virtuoso keyboard of the pianist Elisa D'Auria...this performance was just a further opportunity to display her talent and her passion to have already a thriving music career..."

"Elisa D'Auria... a true, surprising talent... The programme was played with mastery and given to us by a heart which beats at music time... an extraordinary concert pianist!"

"...she has already performed with leading orchestras and has been able to combine in her interpretations with authentic expressive strength and technical perfection..."

"… a real natural musical talent…"

"...an exciting, almost rarefied performance of the young pianist Elisa D'Auria...with consummate mastery and touches of fancy..."

"...it has never happened here... to listen to pianists, who weren't very good or even extraordinary. Elisa D'Auria wasn't an exception to this rule..."

"... she has the big gift of a deep sound, without frills but not dark... "