Eduardo Fernández, Spain, 2011
Tour Dates
  • 11 Aug - 22 Aug, 2011

Tour Dates: 11 Aug - 22 Aug, 2011

"Grand pianist (…) Fernández is a dignified pianist (…) The technical execution turned out to be impeccable. Eduardo Fernandez is an interpreter that shows promise (…)"
- [J. García, SCHERZO]


Ticket Information

12th Aug Shanghai Oriental Art Center  021-68541234
13th Aug Yangzhou Concert Hall  0514-85228099
20th Aug Guangdong Tianhe Culture Theater  020-87576750


 Eduardo Fernández has performed extensively and with great success at all the main concert hall in his native Spain, as well as throughout Europe and South America. He has also appeared at prestigious international festivals in Madrid, and has given concert tours with the support of Jeunesses Musicales International and the Spanish Ministry of Culture. He has performed as soloist with many symphony orchestras in Spain and abroad, under the direction of conductors such as Marzio Conti, Jesús Amigo, José Fabra, Joan Cerveró, Luis Carlos Ortiz.

In 2005, he was selected by the prestigious international music magazine Scherzo to perform at its 20th Anniversary concert, where he was introduced to the international critics as the ‘most promising young Spanish pianist’. He also performed at the 10th Anniversary of the ‘Ciclo Grandes Intérpretes’ of the Scherzo Foundation, as well as in the 50th Anniversary concert of the Fundación Juan March and in the 60th Anniversary of Jeunesses Musicales International which took place at the Centro Cultural Manuel de Falla in Granada.

He has recorded several times for Spanish National Radio (RNE) and Catalunya Musica. In 2006, to commemorate Mozart year, his performance of Concerto K453 from Palau de la Musica de Barcelona with the Andorra National Classic Orchestra under the direction of Marzio Conti was broadcast live by Catalunya Musica. He will soon release his first CD, a recording of the Suite Iberia by Albéniz.



"Grand pianist (…) Fernández is a dignified pianist (…) The technical execution turned out to be impeccable. Eduardo Fernandez is an interpreter that shows promise (…)"
- [J. García, SCHERZO]

"Eduardo Fernandez: More than a promise. (…) Gradually, with tenacity and intelligence, Eduardo Fernandez is building a secure and rigorous career. (…) some interpretive interests equally relevant to virtuosity and the feelings, as well as an impeccable taste (…)"

"(…) enviable technique and musicality (…) Excellent rigor and interpretative fidelity (...) the irreproachable technique of Eduardo Fernandez and his mastery of the keyboard transmitted speed and clarity (…) With no doubt his technical skill, his good work and delicate sense of music have made him one of the most talented pianists of our country."
- [A. J. López Domínguez,]

"Some of us started out thinking that the youth of the pianist was incompatible with his perfect and powerful way of playing, but our thinking was cut short by his magic. It caught us and wiped away our thoughts. The flood of expression that he threw at us, this boy, with his hands, completely out of the ordinary, made us, his audience, watch in amazement. And we experienced one of these moments of magic that may surprise you when you least expect it. There we were, small human beings, in front of somebody playing by the grace of the gods, and we were incapable of escaping from this cloud of amazement, marvel and astonishment…"
- [E. Cedena, ABC]

"(…) He played everything with accuracy, loyalty and a perfect technique (…) an electrifying version, forceful and at the same time, extremely delicate. The slowest and elegantly-sung waltz of the third movement of Prokofiev's Sixth sonata was unforgettable! (…) Petrushka's accomplishment loaded with imagination, good pianism, and dancing references (…) a hyper virtuous piano arrangement of the popular Flight of the Bumble-bee that fluttered and imposed with gleaming virtuosity."
- [J. Romero, EL MUNDO]

"Eduardo Fernandez embroiders Petrouchka. (…) he is an excellent pianist, a complete musician who not only dominates the skill in an irreproachable way, but is also provided with an enviable musicality. (…) the version that Fernandez offered has been excellent, exploiting to the maximum the exceptional timbric richness of the work, uniting the technical difficulties of the work with the intense lyricism that underlies the whole piece"
- [J. A. Lacárcel, IDEAL]

"Eduardo Fernandez is undoubtedly one of the most talented Spanish pianists. In spite of his youth he is in the enviable situation to be able to take on the most important challenges of his profession with a guarantee of success."

"…good music prolongs life … the sensations provoked by an interpretation of the dimensions and depth such as given to us by Eduardo Fernández are difficult to explain … In Rachmaninov"s 3rd Piano Concert Eduardo Fernández combines tension, harmony, dialogue with the orchestra, and emotional solos underscored by melodic expression … breathtaking, fluid, magical, growing, bellisimo, memorable … unforgettable."
- [M. A. de la Ossa, LA TRIBUNA DE CUENCA]

"Youth, balance and class. (…) Eduardo Fernandez is a young pianist who undoubtedly has a huge future ahead of him. But he does not fall into a box: his mind is simply overwhelming. (…) Continuing the trend, magnificent was his interpretation of the Sonata in A major, D.959 by Schubert. He simply astonished in the second movement, imbued with great drama, depth and melancholy."
- [M. A. de la Ossa, LA TRIBUNA DE CUENCA]

"The pianist Eduardo Fernandez succeeded with the Iberia Suite. (…) Has emerged not only successful, but triumphant in his efforts. (…) A challenge far exceeded"
- [J. A. Lacárcel, IDEAL]

"Talent and courage. (…) Eduardo Fernandez can brag about his talent, because he simply possesses it, to that, it is necessary to add selective audacity in the preparation of a difficult program, and he executed it with challenging courage. ( …)"
- [Aguiló de Cáceres, DIARIO DE MALLORCA]

"Eduardo Fernandez"s concert was brilliant. He possesses an impeccable skill and his musicality and expressive force are admirable. He plays Russian music with great energy and provides it with all its character. Next to his forceful interpretation he also possesses an exquisite sensitivity when needed."
- []

"A world of high-level sensations. (…) it has been a sample of great interpretive virtuosity. With a program of undoubted technical complication, Eduardo Fernandez realized a proud version. The interpreter demonstrated vehemence in the forte movements and in the crescendos, but also a great sensitivity and smoothness in the slow and pianissimo sections. The public was surprised by the world of sensations that woke the performance up. (…)"

"(…) a superb interpretation of the Suite Iberia by Albéniz (…)"
- [D. Casillas, DIARIO DE AVILA]