Ometto Mattia, Italy, 2008

Tour Dates: 9 Oct - 20 Oct, 2008

"An artistic figure among the most original and captivating of the current panorama of young performers, a harmonious synthesis of fervid creativity, exuberant virtuosity and rational control of the musical material." 

- Universi, 2002


Mattia Ometto

Came to the attention of the European musical public with his astonishing recital debut over a decade ago.  Since then he has established himself as an artist whose gifts hark back to the Golden Age of classical piano performance, reflecting an artistry that is formed by equal parts of his Venetian background, and the influence of his studies in France at the famed Conservatoire de Paris. 

Mr. Ometto has performed with Milan’s Società dei Concerti, Festival Pianistico Internazionale in Rimini, Associazione Dino Ciani in Domodossola and Associazione Veneta "Amici della Musica". In Venice, he has appeared at venues such as Gran Teatro la Fenice, Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista, Palazzo Cusani and Sala Puccini in Milan, Teatro Marcello and Villa Torlonia in Rome.

The winner of a vast array of national and international competitions, Mr. Ometto is the 2007 recipient of a full scholarship from the Conservatories of Music in the Venice region at the competition La Fabbrica delle Note in Padua, an honor awarded to those considered the four best graduates.

Earlier this year Mr. Ometto was chosen by the Ivory Classics Foundation to participate in the Earl Wild Teaching Scholarship, which resulted in his working with the American virtuoso in Palm Springs, California.  Later, having also been named Prizewinner of the Bradshaw & Buono International Piano Competition, he performed at the famed Kosciuszko Auditorium in New York.

Currently coaching with the legendary pianist Aldo Ciccolini, Mr. Ometto will be performing on three continents as part of his 2008-2009 season, which features a multiple city concert tour of China, performances in Europe

Mr. Ometto will make his Carnegie Hall debut on March 30, 2009, as part of the prestigious Annual ABC Gala, having been invited by Mr. Cosmo Buono, Executive Director of the ABC Foundation, (, to perform as a Special Guest Artist.




"This young pianist demonstrated ownership of the entire gamut of pianistic approaches to French music, taking advantage of a palette of timbres of extraordinary diversity."

- MPG, 2006

"Mattia Ometto is a pianist with a marvelous sensitivity, one of those artists that have the responsibility to make the audience understand what having talent means..."

- Aldo Ciccolini, pianist -Paris

"Rarely do we get to hear a young performer display such gifts: Mattia Ometto embodies qualities that are indeed rare and a maturity that is truly beyond his years. A star in the making..."

- Roberto Poli, pianist -Boston