Martinović Ratimir, Montenegro, 2008


“Being at times hunchbacked and completely engrossed is a sign of sincere artistic approach to Bach's genie. He looked as if he was trying to penetrate through the black and white cataract which hides the music metaphysics, never presented to people. All this was heard in Mr Martinović's gigantically powerful, but at the same time, sophisticated playing, in his shaping of filigree's ornaments and crystal clearness of Bach's quick parts as well as during long breaths and wide arches of the sang melodies.”
- Branimir Pofuk, Jutarnji list, 2005

“Truly exceptional, first-class pianist!”
- Dnevnik, Serbia, 2004

“The interpretation of the Beethoven’s piano sonata Op. 106 entitled „Hammerklavier“…Ratimir Martinović offered to the audience a fascinating interpretation of this composition where, in an unrepeatable way, passages of transparent mediation, figure modules and extraordinary eruptive and dramatic conflicts came one after the other, followed by ecstatic torrents of the powerful piano sounds.”
- Borislav Hložan, Dnevnik, 1999