Fuks Anzhelika, Hungary, 2009

Tour Dates: 20 Aug - 31 Aug, 2009

A young pianist with everything it takes to make a major artist; fire, virtuosity, musicality and temperament. I foresee great things for this young lady in the future...”
- Janina Fialkowska, concert pianist

Anzhelika Fuks


On 12 April 2008, Hungarian-Ukrainian Anzhelika Fuks (1987) was awarded Third Prize at the 8th International Franz Liszt Piano Competition of Utrecht. Not only in the Netherlands, but elsewhere as well, the public will have numerous opportunities to admire Anzhelika’s playing.

At the invitation of Russia’s renowned Musical Olympus Festival, she will make her debut with the St. Petersburg Philharmonia. She has also been invited to play at the Fazioli Concert Hall in Sicile, Italy, and the Liszt in Weimar Piano Academy.

The schedule for 2009 also includes an extensive concert tour through China and South America. Anzhelika received her first musical training at the local music school in Užhorod, Ukraine. In 2002, she attended the city’s conservatory, where she became a pupil of A. Rosijskaja and S. Majdank. In 2005, Anzhelika moved to Hungary to study at Budapest’s Franz Liszt Academy (where she is still enrolled) under Professors Attila Némethy, Sándor Falvay and Balázs Szokolay. Anzhelika has already given numerous solo recitals and has, on several occasions, appeared with chamber and symphony orchestras in Užhorod, Kiev, Donetsk, Nyíregyháza, Tokaj and Budapest. She has also taken part successfully in international piano competitions, including that held in Kyiv-Vorsel (First Prize), the Zakarpatija Festival of Užhorod (Grand Prix), the Donetsk Competition in honour of Serge Prokofiev’s 110th birthday (Second Prize) and the 2008 Yamaha Competition in Budapest (First Prize).


“Impressive flair and accuracy...”

- Wenneke Savenije, NRC Handelsblad

“Anzhelika Fuks is certain to become Gvetadze’s greatest rival, because of her superior understanding of the diabolical in Lisz...” 

- Christo Lelie, Trouw

“Anzhelika Fuks [..] impressed with her extremely self-assured bearing and a surplus of technique”

- Christo Lelie, Trouw

“She came, she conquered. [..] What we heard was a stunning performance all round. Like a great actress, Fuks gave all her emotion, all her passion (missing few notes in the process, miraculously few), and this while remaining in perfect control the entire time. A modern day Ophelia, long hair tied back by black ribbon, her eyes went heavenward from time to time, an effect pianists manner, but Fuks is the genuine article. She gave it her all, physically, emotionally, and her Sonata in B Minor was magnificent as a result. At a mere 22, her emotional maturity, and pianistic experience are above and beyond the norm. Fuks has clearly analyzed and digested the structure of the piece, the relationship between architecture and ornament within it, soaring above the difficulty of the notes with rhythmic clarity, steadfast and yet full of musical temperament. She has a wonderful pedal technique and used it very well on the Fazioli concert grand to traverse the bridges and changes of emotion in the piece: from the jaws of hell, limberly climbing Jacob's ladder up to the gates of heaven. The last single bass note was a whisper of melancholy, decidedly timed. Then, gasping for breath and fighting back tears, Fuks returned to the room as it were, looking up in abandon to see a standing ovation greet her from the hall.”

- Cynthia Wilson, Scintillating sounds, www.classicsonline.com