Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra & 5 Winners of International Competition for Young Opera Singers Concert , World Expo 2010

Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra

The ensenble wsa founded as the Zhejiang Song and Dance Folk Orchestra in 1958. And over the next 50 years the scale and quality of the orchesta developed steadily. The Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra was granted the status of Provincial Cultural Institution by the Zhejiang Provincial Government in January 2009.

Zhejiang province has a long and proud musical history, as demonstrated when 7,000 year old multihole flutes were unearthed at the Hemudu site in Yuyao City. In 1138 A.D. the imperial government of the Nan-Song Dynasly founded a capital in Hangzhou. At this time the art and cultures of many regions were brought together in Hangzhou, leading to a flourishing period in the history of Chinese culture which has had a profound effect on today’s music in Zhejiang.

Today the Zhejiang Symphouy Orchestra comprises 105 musicians, and as well as performing the world’s classic works it endeavors to keep the traditions of Zhejiang folk music alive. Throungh the interpretation of traditional Chinese and Zhejiang local music, and through its education program, the orchestra has committed to preserving its distinct regional and cultural identity. It is testament to this mucial heritage that works such as ‘The Primitive Hunting Picture’, ‘A Dream of Boundir’ and ‘Flying Partridge’ still hold such a special place in the affections of the local aundiences.

The Orchestra has worked with many acclaimed Chinese donductors and it has toured with a predominantly Chinese reperloir in Korea, France, Switzerland and Germany and other countries, where they were universally praised for the charm and beauty of their performances. 

Chief Conductor: Elahiu von Erlenbach

Elahiu von Erlenbach was born in Miltenberg on Main, Germany. His particular commitment has been to the promotion of European music in foreign countries, and in 1998, he was the first person that signed by the Ministry for Culture as Principal Conductor for a Chinese orchestra. In 2000 he became the conductor of the Beijing Symphony Orchestra, and in 2003 the General Director of Music of Tianjin and Chief Conductor of the Tian jian Philharmonic Orchestra.

Since then he has worked regularly with the leading orchestras in China. Giving performances in the most prestigious concert halls and opera houses in the country. Conducting engagements in Europe include the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, the Metropol Theatre Berlin, the German Film Orchestra, the Neubrandenburg Philharmonic, the Goettingen Symphony Orchestra and the Czech Symphony Orchestra Prague.