Rondo Veneziano, Gian Piero Reverberi, Italy, 1998

Tour Dates: 1998

Gian Piero Reverberi, Chief Conductor

Rondo Veneziano

Founded by the famous Italian composer and pianist Gian Piero Reverberi in 1979. Its repertoire includes the musical pieces composed by Mr. Reverberi and Italian baroque music of the 18th century. It often performs those famous music like “ Marco Polo”, “Danza Mediterranea”, “Splendore di Venezia”.

“Marco Polo” was composed by Mr. Reverberi himself. Over the years many illustrious citizens left their mark on the history of the city of Venice, but since the Middle Ages none had equaled the popularity of Marco Polo (1251-1324). His fame however, had less to do with city of canals than the fact that he left it. Marco Polo set off for the East to trade and ended up travelling to the heart of the Khan’s Empire, which at that time extended from the Chinese Sea to what is now Poland. For seventeen years Marco Polo lived in Peking at the court of Kublai Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan, before returning to Venice. His entire journey had lasted 24 years and no one in his hometown remembered him. Even worse: neither his accounts of his incredible journey nor his descriptions of the high culture to be found in the orient were believed by anyone. It was only when he was captured during the Venetian-Genoese War that his tales were put to paper by a fellow prisoner.

For the next few centuries, these notes were the only useful description of this incredible empire that reached a high level of civilization long before Europe did. They enlivened the thoughts of and provided a utopia for European thinkers. It is precisely this fascination for the distant and the unknown that Gian Piero Reverberi used for the ensemble’s 1997 studio production.

Rondo Veneziano travels in Marco Polo’s footsteps through a world of strange, fascinating and captivating sounds that combine elements of oriental music with the hallmarks of western baroque. It is as though the famous globetrotter were setting off on his journey a second time, but with the accompaniment of a symphonic soundtrack that combines the singing of Tibetan monks, Mongolian folk music and original oriental instruments in its baroque compositions. Nevertheless on “Marco Polo”, Rondo Veneziano provides carefree, lightweight melodies, medieval festivity and effective, modern arrangements. It is the enchanting music for which the Venetian orchestra has become world famous.

Up to now, Rondo Veneziano has sold more than 20 million records in Europe alone, in Germany half million records, ranking 15 in the bestseller of CD.  Besides, the British TV used Rondo’s music as a trailer for its TV series. Many of the tunes recorded by Rondo Veneziano have been used for advertising TV campaigns.

Rondo is very popular in the world. Its beautiful melodies sound on the many important occasions. The music of Rondo Veneziano is a soothing antidote to the cacophony of our modern times.


Gian Piero Reverberi 

Born in Genova, the 29th of July 1939, Gian Piero Reverberi is one of the few accomplished musicians in the Italian music scene. He is a composer, conductor, arranger, excellent Piano player, producer and author of many successful recordings. He continuously displays his ability to combine a unique artistic flexibility with exceptional creativity and authenticity. These two elements have contributed to his high standing reputation within the European music business and it is still growing.

When he was 16 he entered the PAGANINI Conservatory in Genoa and graduated very young in Piano, Composition and Orchestra Conducting. As the strict atmosphere of the Conservatory was not something he particularly appreciated, he decided to leave this very rigid area after graduation. Already during his stay at the Conservatory he was working very closely with his elder brother, Gian Franco, who was already present in the music and recording industry. That’s how he got in contact with the so-called “scuola genovese” a musical movement born in Genoa. At the age of 20, he already had accomplished his first major arrangement: the famous piece “LA GATTA” by Gino Paoli followed by other famous songs like “SASSI” “GRAZIE” and “SENZA FINE”(sang later by Dean Martin).

Afterwards Reverberi began to work very closely with Luigi Tenco and Fabrizio De Andrè with whom he established a long and productive relationship: the arrangements for the first eight albums of this artist and many of his compositions still show his signature.In 1963, Gian Piero Reverberi wrote his first million bestseller “SE MI VUOI LASCIARE” for the singer Michele, who was discovered by Gian Piero’s brother the same year.In 1964 he started cooperation with the FRANCO-LONDON INC. For which he composed all the soundtracks for the various TV serials they produced: ROBINSON CRUSOE, DON QUICHOTE, THE GLOBE-TROTTERS etc…..

In 1968 Reverberi produced the album for the famous groups “NEW TROLLS” and “LE ORME”. These two releases exposed him to a new audience, the young rock and pop generation. Along with the two singles “VISIONI” and “SENSAZIONI” for the NEW TROLLS he produced one of the most beautiful pieces of Italian music to be heard within the last 30 years: the album “SENZA ORARIO SENZA BANDIERA” with lyrics of Fabrizio De Andrè. This is the first conceptual Italian rock album. In 1975-1978 he Produced the three albums as pianist with a big orchestra.

But it was 1979 that he had the brilliant idea to form a chamber orchestra which would appeal to a large audience by using only compositions that were written by him. The repertoire was inspired by Italian baroque music of the 18th century but updated with additional Rhythm and Synthesized instruments. The success of this unusual sound was immediate: tracks like “LA SERENISSIMA” and “ODISSEA VENEZIANA” went around the world building up a great reputation for this group.

Up to now, Rondò Veneziano sold more than 20 Million records in Europe alone. The most famous one, the original, was used as a trailer for the British TV series “Emergency” in 1992 and has been included as main theme in the soundtrack of the movie “Not Quite Jerusalem”.

Many of the tunes recorded by Rondò Veneziano, have been used for advertising TV campaigns like “ODISSEA VENEZIANA” for a new Fiat, just to mention an example.

In occasion of the first “Compaq GRAND SLAM TENNIS CUP” in Munich, Gian Piero Reverberi composed the music for the opening Ceremony of the event and the main theme has been used by “COMPAQ” computers for the following TV campaign.

In 1994 Rondò played live in Riga in Latvia. The successful performance was organized by the Minister of Culture of the newly born Republic. At the welcome party that was organized for Reverberi’s group after their concert, the Minister pointed out that in all eastern territories, the “official” music that is selected for all receptions with the Italian government is Rondò Veneziano.

In addition to the eastern territories Rondò’s music will also find its way overseas. Concentrating on being composer and conductor for Rondò Veneziano, Gian Piero Reverberi has also strengthened the classic repertoire over the last few years.

The last album released by Rondò Veneziano in November 1995 features traditional Christmas songs, alternated with original tunes by Reverberi;it has been at the 15th place in the German CD-charts, selling more than half a million copies.


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