National Theatre of Scotland & Royal Shakespeare Company,2014

Tour Dates: 21 April - 12 May, 2014

The National Theatre of Scotland has been entertaining audiences at home and beyond since February 2006. As Scotland’s national theatre, we exist to work collaboratively...

Tour Dates
  • 21 April - 12 May, 2014

April 22-23, 19:30 National Centre for the Performing Arts
April 26-27, 19:15 Shanghai Grand Theatre
May 2-4, 19:45 Hongkong Kwai Tsing Theatre +852 2111 5999
May 3-4, 14:30 Hongkong Kwai Tsing Theatre +852 2111 5999
May 9-10, 19:30 Kaohsiung Cultural Centre - Jhihde Hall$3002&IDK=2&EXEC=D&DATA=95

The National Theatre of Scotland has been entertaining audiences at home and beyond since February 2006. As Scotland’s national theatre, we exist to work collaboratively with the best companies and individuals to produce and tour world class theatre. Our ambitions are simple: to create work that excites and challenges audiences and which makes Scotland proud. With no building of our own, our theatre takes place in the great buildings of Scotland, but also in sitespecific locations, airports and tower blocks, community halls and drill halls, ferries and forests. The company has performed to over one million people across four continents. All of Scotland is our stage, and from here we perform to the world.

Royal Shakespeare Company

Since we opened our doors in 1961, we have been inviting the most talented and influential theatre makers to do their best work with us. During those five decades, we have produced plays by Shakespeare and his contemporaries alongside classics and new plays, with the classical and the contemporary enriching each other every step of the way. We welcome more than a million visitors to our Stratford-upon-Avon theatres each year and we tour to London, Newcastle upon Tyne, around the UK and across the world.

Director: Roxana Silbert

Roxana is Artistic Director of Birmingham Repertory Theatre. Previously, she was Associate Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, where her work included: A Soldier in Every Son, Galileo, Measure for Measure, Richard III, Shakespeare Shorts, Such Tweet Sorrow (the world’s first Twitter play), Little Eagles, Dunsinane and
Brixton Stories.

As Artistic Director of Paines Plough, her work included Orphans, Roaring Trade, Being Norwegian, Between Wolf and Dog, Long Time Dead, Strawberries in January, After the End and Dallas Sweetman. As Literary Associate of the Traverse Theatre, her work included The Slab Boys, Still Life, The People Next Door, Iron, 15 Seconds and Greenfields. As Associate Director at the Royal Court, her work included At the Table, Still Nothing, I Was So Lucky, Been So Long, Fairgame, Bazaar, Sweetheart, Essex Girls and Mules.

Her freelance work includes Whistle in the Dark (Citizens, Glasgow); Under the Black Flag (Shakespeare’s Globe); Precious and Blonde Bombshells of 1943 (West Yorkshire Playhouse); Property (National Theatre Studio, London); Damages (the Bush); The Price (Bolton Octagon); Top Girls and Translations (New Vic); Cadillac Ranch (Soho) and Slash Hatch on the E (Donmar).

Program: Dunsinane

Macbeth is dead, long live the King. Under cover of night, an English army has swept through the Scottish landscape, killed the tyrant and taken the seat of power.

Attempting to restore peace and put in place a new ruler, Siward, the commanding officer, is beset by a brutal guerrilla uprising and simmering discontent amongst his own inexperienced troops. Struggling to grasp the alien customs and politics of this harsh country, he finds himself drawn towards Macbeth’s powerful widow in search of someone to share his burden of responsibility. Increasingly isolated from his own men and Scottish allies alike, his efforts to restore order appear futile as the situation spins out of control.

David Greig’s majestic sequel to Shakespeare’s Macbeth has proved a major hit with audiences in England and Scotland since it was first premiered in 2010. This exhilarating play is a vision of one man’s attempt to restore peace in a country ravaged by war.


"A triumph... Roxana Silbert's supple production is beautifully acted... engaged, articulate, provocative entertainment."

- The Times

"Gripping first-rate drama from one of the country's most talented and versatile playwrights."

- Evening Standard

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