A Jesuit at the Chinese Imperial Court, Matteo Ricci from Macerata to Beijing, World Expo 2010

29th,30th June, 2010
Chinatown 471 Zhapu Rd,
Hongkou, Shanghai

Matteo Ricci
An Outstanding Theatre Character
…For the love of God!

We talk about God, with the God who dwells inside us, in

our heart, in our head, on our back.
We are born and we grow up with Him.
And He calls us when we don’t hear Him.
Perhaps with the growing grass, the trees bearing fruits,

the sky playing with its multi-shade azure.
God has so many faces, as many as we give to Him with our

changing emotions.
He speaks everybody’s languages through nature’s sounds

and games.
In His rising, dying and rising again, God has neither

flags nor weapons.
God doesn’t conquer.
God smiles with a peaceful smile.
Matteo Ricci narrates Him out of love and lets us narrate

him through the performance of Theatre.
In all languages “Theatre is play”.
Do you want to perform with us... For the love of God?