Nederlands Dans Theatre II, the Netherlands, 2008

Tour Dates: 20 May to 24 May, 2008

The Nederlands Dans Theatre II (NDT)

Established in 1959, the Nederlands Dans Theatre (NDT) was initially a group of 18 dancers who broke away from the then traditionally oriented company. The new establishment then focused on exploring new forms of dance, new techniques and broadening their existence with new ideas and fresh experimentations. With Harkavy, van Manen, Solokow and Tetley, the group was notably the most innovative and exciting dance group in Europe by late 1960s.

With years of development and mastery, NDT branched out into 3 distinctive companies in 1. They are the NDT 1, NDT 2, and NDT 3. The three individual companies are distinguished by different repertory, but first and foremost by their age. Within NDT, terminologies such as: corps de ballet and coryphées are non-existent, in short they are all on equal footing. NDT 2 in this case is designed for dancers up to the age of 21, and comprises only of 16 dancers with flying-colors and great reputation in their own accord.

The establishment of the 3 individual dimensions of NDT was primarily meant to present the audience with a variety or works and expertise, as well as to showcase the whole working lifespan of a dancer, which no other company in the world has managed to equal this, both in the concept and dedication.

All dimensions of NDT are regularly on tour and invited to different festivals around the world. NDT 2 in particular, has staged a variety of works by : Kylian, Lightfoot Leon, McGregor, van Manen,Rodovalho, as well as Pite. Their repertory covered : Said and done, Furious Angels, Sob a pele, Indigo Rose, 27’52”, and Chapeau. The last three works were all choreographed by Kylian, for the theme ‘Celebrating Kylian’, and were performed as the Opening of the 10th Holland Dance Festival in 2005. They have also been on tour to England, Serbia, France, Germany and Finland for their 2005-2006 tour, with a much anticipated performance particularly at the L’Opera National de Paris.