Trio Lenitas, Switzerland/France, 2013

Tour Dates: 12 - 30 September, 2013

These three Young musicians met during an international music festival in 1996, where they attended the master classes given by the greatest and most well-known Masters from Eastern Europe, Moscow and Budapest in particular.

Tour Dates
  • 12 - 30 September, 2013

13 September, Shanghai Oriental Art Center, 021-68541234
14 September, Anhui Art Center, 0551-3633372
17 September, Auditorium of Wu Wei No.1 Middle School, Gansu Province, Private Concert
20 September, Monmanwai Concert Hall, Tsinghua University, 010-62788104 / 62782334
21 September, Chenxing Concert Hall, Beihang University, Private Concert, 010-82317114
22 Septermber, Chenxing Concert Hall, Beihang University, Private Concert, 010-82317114

Serge Charlet, violin
François Martigné, viola
Guillaume Martigné, cello

These three Young musicians met during an international music festival in 1996, where they attended the master classes given by the greatest and most well-known Masters from Eastern Europe, Moscow and Budapest in particular.

Despite the diversity of the courses followed in the process of their studies and their different geographical residences, their deepest and their long-lasting friendship as well as their common passion for music and their instruments always succeed to unite them.

Thanks to the experiences obtained at the highest music academies, they always found the way to meet, to pursue their passion and to ascertain the similarity of their musical sensibility.

Considered as one of the best chamber music groups in the new generation, the Trio Lenitas asserts itself in the absolutely pure tradition of classical music and in the wish of an authentic expression, which is warm, cordial and inspiring.

The Trio Lenitas proposes a broad and varied repertoire, which always asserts ease, competency and personal style. They have given many performances in Europe. They also regularly participate broadcasting events. The Trio Lenitas is able to play any piece from the string trio and piano quartet repertoire.

Mentors of the Trio amongst others to be mentioned are Mark Drobinsky, Kapas Géza,Botvay Karoly. The collaboration with Valentin Berlinsky (Quatuor Borodin), Banfalvi Béla(Budapest String Orchestra) especially stimulated their passion for chamber music. Their repertoire is vast, rich and varied, extending from baroque to contemporary period.

The name Lenitas suggests on one hand the softness of perception, particularly to the ear, and on the other hand awakening profound sentiments caused by dramatic and passionate movements. Combining these two elements, the Trio's sound pallet gives the way to sensible, warm, and moving feelings.

The Lenitas Trio interprets music of all eras with the ability to adapt their instruments to various techniques. The musicians wish to share their passion for music by bringing emphasis to the string trio. By all means remaining in tradition, they offer new perception of music influenced by the heritage of the greatest Masters during their studies. The characters of their music are recognized by the interpretation full of vivacity, invention, personality and at the same time, expressing enthusiasm to the public.

The instruments used by this trio are exceptional. All three stemming from the golden belcanto eras and being adjusted by the same "luthier," give complete penetration power. Serge Charlet plays an exceptional violin of "Giuseppe Gagliano", made in Naples, dated 1759, and accompanied by a bow of "Nicolas Maire" dated 1845. François Martigné plays a remarkable viola of "M.Fichtl," made in Vienna in 1747, and accompanied by a "Pageot" bow. It is believed that W. A. Mozart played on this viola also. Guillaume Martigné, plays a magnificent cello, dating back to the end of the 17th century. This instrument remains a complete mystery to experts. The tone of this instrument is exceptional, but its origin is not definable. Guillaume uses a "Vigneron" bow.

Both in France and abroad, the public and the press are inspired by the musical sensitivity of the artists. During the last few years, the Lenitas Trio regularly played in most European countries and in Asia. Recently, they have given concerts in Paris, Salzburg, Florence and Athens. Their last tour was in the Far East, completed with Master Classes given in various universities.

Serge Charlet, violin

The violinist Serge Charlet was born in Vevey (Switzerland). He began to study the violin at the age of 9 at the Conservatoire of his native city, then at the Conservatoire of Lausanne, thereafter at the Conservatoire Supérieur de Genève under the mentor of Prof. Corrado Romano.

Trained at Prof. Kapas Gézaduring's musical perfecting sessions and master classes at the International Music Academy of Tours (France), he followed this Master to Budapest to complete his study at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music. As a conclusion to his studies at this Academy, he obtained his Master Degree in violin, and graduated with honors and congratulations from the members of the jury.

During his long journey in Hungary, Serge also taught violin at the Conservatoire Bartok and at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music as the assistant of Prof. Géza Kapàs.
He studied chamber music with Masters like Béla Bànfalvi, Bihary Làszlo, Kàroly Botvay, Sàndor Devich, Géza Németh and Orsolya Szabo.

He improved under the advice of Master Hatto Beyerle (chamber music) and Master Michael Vaiman (violin), disciple of David Oistrach in Moscow.

He has given numerous performances as a soloist or chamber music artist throughout Europe and Asia.

Serge Charlet plays a splendid Italian violin, dated 1759 by Giuseppe Gagliano.

François Martigné, viola

At the age of 17, the violist François Martigné had won unanimously the chamber music prize of Paris. In 2000, he was awarded the first prize for viola as well as for chamber music at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris.

In addition, he attended several master classes with Ludmila Schubina (Professor at the Moscow Tschaikowsky conservatory) and musicians such as Yuri Bashmet, Vladimir Mendelssohn and Mark Drobinsky.

François Martigné has been awarded scholarships by the Georges Cziffra and the Léopold Bellan foundations.

François Martigné gave numerous duo concerts with piano in France and abroad. He also regularly performed in the chamber music series at the Mirabell Castle in Salzburg (Austria).

With the string trio Lenitas, he was invited to perform in Switzerland, Greece and other European countries. The same chamber music ensemble enjoys the support of the Rotaryclub in Montreux (Switzerland). He regularly went on tours in Asia (in particular Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia, and Laos) as a member of the Paris Mozart Trio, where he gave concerts as well as master classes broadcasted by TV.

As a chamber music artist, he collaborated with artists such as Radu Blidar, Stephane Trang-Noc, Ayako Tanaka, Oswald Sallaberger, Michel Michalakakos, David Bismuth, Fernando Rossano, Sofja Gulbadamova, Mark Drobinsky, Nicolas Stavy, and Vanessa Szigeti...

François Martigné has recorded several CD's as a soloist and a chamber music artist. He plays an outstanding viola from the eighteenth century.

Guillaume Martigné, cello

The cellist Guillaume Martigné, First Prize at the CNSM of Paris, was taught by Mark Drobinsky and thereafter attended the perfecting courses of Philippe Müller. He also worked with Masters like David Géringas, Bernard Greenhouse, Frans Helmerson, Mischa Maisky and Janos Starker.

Guillaume Martigné is a prize winner of great international competitions: "Vittorio Gui" (Firenze 2002), Witold Lutolawsky (Varsaw 2003), ADAM (New Zealand 2003), International Competition of Chamber Music of Trieste (2005) and Vina del Mar (Chile 2006).

Since the beginning at the age of 13, he performed as a soloist with orchestras, particularly with the Moscow Musica Viva (dir. Alexander Rudin), the Kazan Symphonic Orchestra (dir.Fuat Manzurov), the Ural Symphonic Orchestra (dir. Dimitri Liss), the Novossibirsk Chamber Orchestra (dir. Isaac Touritch), The National Orchestra of the Polish Broadcasting, and the National Opera of Budapest Orchestra (dir. Janos Kovacs).

He also had the opportunity to play with famous musicians like Abdel Rahman El Bacha, Alexandre Rabinovitch, Patrice Fontanarosa, Ivry Gitlis, Vladimir Mendelssohn and Jay Gottlieb.

Guillaume has performed in recital at the French concert halls like La Cité de la Musique Radio France, Le Théâtre Mogador in Paris and at numerous festivals. He is regularly invited to participate into the most prestigious series of concerts in Italy (Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Bologna Festival, Amici della Musica di Firenze and Perugia, Atenco Veneto in Venezia).

He has also given numerous concerts in Germany, Norway, Austria (Salzburg Festival) as well as Japan, Korea, China, Chile, New Zealand and USA.

Showing a great interest in contemporary music, he recorded several pieces for cello solo. He secured the Russian creation of the Variations de Concert of Jean Françaix. Guillaume Martigné plays a splendid Italian cello from the 17th century.


"The Lenitas Trio is a magnificent group with a superb sound and extreme finesse"

- Mark Drobinsky

"…The interpretation of the Lenitas Trio was moving and subtle, each work bringing out the sensibilityof the musicians with captivating harmony…"

- Le Progrès

"…With many curtain calls by a conquered public, the musicians of the Lenitas Trio, united with beautiful complicity, ending the concert with the Beethoven Scherzo, unforgettable..."

- The Nation