Trio Matisse, Italy, 2007

Tour Dates: 30 Oct - 12 Nov, 2007

Emanuela Piemonti - piano
Paolo Ghidoni - violin
Piero Bosna - cello

Trio Matisse is an outstanding group which in the last twenty years has proved one of the most remarkable realities in Italian music life.

Composed of first rank musicians, “Trio Matisse” comprises the pianist Emanuela Piemonti (soloist of remarkable talent, former pupil of Anita Porrini –Benedetti Michelangeli’s collaborator- and Chamber Music teacher at the ‘G.Verdi’ Milan Conservatory), the violinist Paolo Ghidoni (active soloist, leader of the orchestra ‘I Virtuosi Italiani’, and teacher at the Mantova Conservatory) and the cellist Piero Bosna(former pupil of Janigro and teacher at the Verona Conservatory).

“Trio Matisse” benefited by the precious teaching of Trio di Trieste and deepened the Classical repertoire under the guidance of maestros such as Norbert Brainin and Valentin Berlinskij.

Its repertoire consists mainly of 18th-19th century music, nonetheless an intriguing characteristic distinguishes “Trio Matisse” among similar groups is its keen interest for the less conspicuous 20th century output which led its members to include in their repertoire not only the most renowned masterpieces by Ravel, Shostakovich, Martin, Villa Lobos, and Ghedini, but also the most recent works by living composers such as Salvatore Sciarrino, not to mention Luis De Pablo and  Alessandro Solbiati,  who  both dedicated important compositions to this group.

In fact the achievements of “Trio Matisse” in contemporary music performance reached so dazzling standards that also Mauricio Kagel recently decided to write for it a work it has performed in autumn 2002 at the ‘Biennial Exhibition of Venice’.

Various are the awards “Trio Matisse” received since its foundation: apart from the several selections in as many international manifestations, worth mentioning is the final of the ‘Melbourne International competition of Chamber Music’ in which it took part in 1991, and the prestigious ‘Vittorio Gui Prize’ (Florence) it won in 1983.

Furthermore “Trio Matisse” performs regularly for the most important Italian concert societies such as the ‘Unione Musicale’ of Turin, the ‘Società dei Concerti’ of Milan, the ‘Istituzione Universitaria dei Concerti’ of Rome, the ‘Biennial Exhibition of Venice’ and others both in Europe and extra-European countries.

Evidence of this versatile activity is the generous amount of recordings “Trio Matisse” made for Australian, Israeli, and Spanish radio; for the Italian radio, among various other works, it recorded all the piano trios by Beethoven.

Performances of theirs have been recorded also by the Aura label and Amadeus music magazine.