Trio Broz, Italy, 2009

Tour Dates: 19 Nov - 30 Nov, 2009

“Perfection in three.”
- Uwe Engel, Die Rheinpfalz, Wednesday the 22nd February 2006


Barbara Broz – violin
Giada Broz
- violin and viola
Klaus Broz
– cello

The TRIO BROZ is composed of the sisters Barbara, violin, and Giada, violin and viola, and their brother Klaus, cello. They began to play together in 1993 during an international summer course AMC (Austrian Masterclasses) of chamber music, organized by some teachers at the Mozarteum in Salzburg; they are graduated in chamber music by the Academy of St.Cecilia in Rome with full marks and at the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole (Florence) summa cum laude.

They were awarded in 1997 with concerts for the "Rassegna Giovani Interpreti Italia-Austria" of Legnago (Verona), and they won the first absolute price, with grant and concerts, in some national and international competitions; they are also the winners, with special award for merit, at the 6th Youth Biennial Competition for Trio and Quartet of Vittorio Veneto (August 2004), of the “Stefania Azzaro” Scholarship 2005 and achieved the Diploma of Merit of the Accademia Chigiana in Siena for the frequency of the Quartet-Mastercours of M° Piero Farulli. They then won the Competition "Rec&Play" 2006, sponsored by CIDIM.

They have already performed more than 300 concerts both in Italy and abroad, including the prestigious Matinèe at Schloss Mirabell of Salzburg during the Mozart Events in 1996, the concert in the Church of St. Carlo in Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Milan (1998), the performances for the Festival Mozart Italy 2000 and the Easter Concert 2001 near Aachen (Germany), the concerts for the Association “Amici della Musica” in Verona (2002), for Taormina Winter Festival (2003), for the Beethovengedankstätte in Wien (2004), for the William Walton Foundation in Ischia (September 2005 and June 2007), the inauguration of the annual congress of “Juventud Musical de España” (Madrid, May 2006) and Bologna Festival 2007.

They toured in Mexico in November 1999, in Catalunia in February 2006, and, in 2007, in Westphalia and Rhineland (March) and the Balkans (July). On the 22nd October 2007 they played a public concert in the Teatro Ponchielli in Cremona, with three of the world-renowned instruments from the Palazzo Comunale Collection: the violin “Cremonese” 1715 of Stradivari, the viola 1615 of Antonio and Girolamo Amati and the cello “ex-Cristiani” 1700 of Stradivari.

Barbara Broz

Graduated in violin with full marks, and in viola with 9.50/10 at the State Conservatory of Music "F.E.Dall'Abaco” in Verona, she also received the doctorate degree in Composition and Multimedia with 110 cum laude; at the same time, she also graduated in Modern Languages and Literatures at the “Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia” of the University of Trento (110 cum laude) and has continued her instrumental improvement with the Master in violin held by M° Pavel Vernikov at the “Scuola di Musica di Fiesole”. She is the first violin of the string trio Trio Broz, which won the first prize in some national and international competitions and performed in Italy and abroad (Austria, Germany, Holland, Spain, Mexico). She is also Konzertmeister of the chamber orchestra “Camerata Musicale Città di Arco”. She performed as a soloist with the Orchestra “Ente Lirico di Verona” as violinist in 2000 and as violist in 2002. As violist,she won the competition for playing in the EUYO (European Union Youth Orchestra) for the season 2003/2004 and got in duo with pianist Filippo Lovatin the special prize "Terme di Castrocaro" in the VII Musical Competition "Best Graduates of Italy - Castrocaro Classica”.

Giada Broz 

Graduated in violin with full marks at the State Conservatory of Music "F.E.Dall'Abaco” in Verona under the guidance of M° Rybin. She plays violin and viola in Broz String-Trio, which won the first prize in some national and international competitions, and she has performed in Italy and abroad (Austria, Germany, Holland, Spain, Mexico). She is also member of the chamber orchestra “Camerata musicale Città di Arco”. She performed as a soloist with the Orchestra “Ente Lirico di Verona” in the concert "Young protagonists 2000”. She is the winner of the second prize at the 8th International Music Trophy Kaway 1998 in Tortona and the Award Accademia Filarmonica” 2002, reserved for the best graduates. She also won inclusion among the soloists of “Gioventù Musicale”. Parallel to her musical studies, she is finishing her post-graduate degree in Modern Languages and Literatures at the “Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia” of the University of Trento.

Klaus Broz

Broz received his degree in cello with full marks at the State Conservatory of Music "F.E.Dall'Abaco” in Verona under the guidance of M° Zanin and is now perfecting with M° R. Filippini at the Academy "Staufer" in Cremona. He is the cellist of Trio Broz, which won the first prize in some national and international competitions, and he has performed in Italy and abroad (Austria, Germany, Holland, Mexico). When he was 12 years old, he won the First Absolute Prize at X National Competition for young performers "Nei giardini dell’aulos" in Rimini and, recently, the Award “Accademia Filarmonica” 2004, reserved for the best graduates, and the inclusion among the soloists “Gioventù Musicale”. He has performed in various orchestras and is the first cello of the "Camerata Musicale ittà di Arco”. He also performed as a soloist with the Orchestra “Ente Lirico di Verona” in the concert "Young protagonists” in 2002 and 2004. He was chosen for the "Concert in Movement" organized by "Musical Workshop" in the Strings Exhibition  “Mondomusica” 2007, when he performed live, on Radio3, compositions by contemporary authors, written specifically for the occasion. He is also attending European Juridical Sciences at the “Facoltà di Giurisprudenza” of the University of Trento.


“... The Chamber Music chose as the protagonist of the inaugural concert the Broz Trio, formed by sisters Barbara (violin), Giada (purple) and their brother Klaus (cello). The two Trios of Schubert, in B flat D 471, gave up by the same composer after the first movement, and especially the more famous D 581, in the same tonality, reveal one hand the genuine dedication and determination of the ensemble, the other revealing various aspects of interpretation - which the harmony, the security of intonation, the expressivity, the incisiveness of phrasing - decidedly opened into a greater maturity and accurate finishes.”

- Dejan Bozovic, Il Gazzettino, Trieste, Thurday, 21 February 2008

“… Barbara Broz (violin), her sister Giada (violin and viola), and their brother Klaus (cello) captured the audience with a wonderful interpretation of the Serenade for String Trio, op.10 of Ernst von Dohnanyi. The contemporary elements, as well as the traditional cues of the composer, the ensemble worked out with extraordinary ability. (…) An exciting concert which received great applause."

- Stefanie Bona, Remscheild, Wednesday, 21 March 2007

“Perfection in three.”

- Uwe Engel, Die Rheinpfalz, Wednesday, 22 February 2006

“… In this composition [Divertimento KV563 Mozart] the Trio Broz has reached a high level. Thanks to a masterly use of energy and imagination, it allows the audience to discover, especially in the second Minuet, a broad range of colors and timbres, completely new even after an hour on the stage”

- David Ramon, Espectacles di Sabadell (Catalogna), Tuesday, 21 February 2006

“… The String Trio Broz, sent for opening the event [the music festival of the Circolo della Cultura e delle Arti di Trieste], exhibited very good abilities: techniques quality, fine balance, thick sound and beautiful variety, firm reading, clear expressive intentions. So it’s an ensemble with every possibilities for having, let’s me tell, an important carrier. That’s a thought that stands up watching the concentration and the agreement of those three young siblings. (…) The “Broz” has courage of playing by heart (!): they have done it here with absolute certainty, reinforcing the reading analyse and emotional expression. (…) There is in those three young musicians the inclination for a robust ensemble sound (the bowing is always substantial), preferring the dark colour of a tenor-baritones sound. The voices breathe together in the musical phrases that pass successfully from an instrument to the other."

- Sergio Cimarosti, Il Piccolo di Trieste, Friday,11 March 2005

“… a rare Beethoven for Trio, more particularly surprising for absence of stands and score. The Trio Broz plays by heart: it is something as though the virtuosism and the robust sound were coming out of the intertwining of looks.”

- Goffredo Gori, La Nazione, Wednesday the 18th August 2004

“Always unexpected is the manner with that they play the purposed pieces, with real passion, precision, perfect comprehension of the different moments, from the introspective sentimentalism to the brilliant and virtuoso enthusiasm.”

- Gianni Villani, L’Arena, il giornale di Verona, Friday, 28 November 2003

“The skill of these instrumentalists, even apart their young and very young age, is superlative both technically and for the expressivity, and the critic cannot find in his dictionary suitable words to praise them.”

- Sergio Stancanelli, Gli Amici della Musica, Periodico dell’Uncalm - Year XII Number, 2 February 2002

“… and in fact what emerges in the music of the Broz Trio is in particular: the accord, the harmony, the cohesion between people who have always played and also enjoyed with the music.”

- Chiara Zocca, L’Arena, il giornale di Verona, Wednesday the 9th January 2002

“An expansive set of samples of baroque music, that was offered to us over all Bach’s music elegant for his lightness, thank the airy play, the perfect synchronism created by the three strings. (…) In all the Allegros played by this Trio the articulation was always nimble, the metrics had asuperlative steadiness, and in the Largos’ and Adagios’ cantability one could notice such an equality of tone that even the hardest to please listener was contented. (…) One of the most valued things of this concert was certainly the typical Vivaldi’s brio too, purposed with a surprising formal balance.”

- Gianni Villani, 2001

“At the Easter Concert in the big hall of the RodeCastle the Broz String Trio made the Easter feast a real feast fort he senses.”

- Herzogenrather Zeitung, Tuesday, 17 April 2001

“The last appearance on the stage the siblings Barbara, Giada and Klaus Broz, despite their young age, have exhibited remarkable technique, a valuable sound and an extraordinary concord.”

- Alto Adige, Tuesday , 13 February 2001

“… three very young instrumentalists have brought the large audience with an exciting programme with their spontaneity, their clarity of sound and the great musicality demonstrated in each piece to a big enthusiasm.”

- La Voce di Mantova, Saturday, 3 June 2000

“The mature technique of execution and the concord quivering with emotion that this young artists, sounding together as one person, are transferring in their performance, not only point out their abilities, but fully highlight the beauty of the executed music.”

- Il Gazzettino di Castiglione delle Stiviere, Saturday,13 May 2000

“The quality of the performance of these young people is extraordinary, both because of the performing arts level and the standard of interpretation. And regarding their age, their musical successes are something very particular.”

- El Comentario de Colima, Friday, 3 December 1999

“The Trio Broz passes all strength of the Italian music and spirit on, with a round careful sound in accurate performance and synergy since they began to play.”

- El Panorama de Colima, Monday, 29 November 1999

“The three young musicians have immediately highlighted their excellent quality in the accurate musical effect and in the emotional participation in the performance.”

- L’Adige, Friday, 31 January 1997

“The Trio Broz: the masters of tomorrow.”

- Salzburger Mozart Matinèe, Concerts brochure 1996