Trio Mutano, The Netherlands, 2009

Tour Dates: 16 Jul - 27 Jul, 2009

"The clarinet player introduced pieces in a pleasant and clear way that is exactly how the well-trained young trio sounded: pleasant, clear and with a well-balanced sound."
- Bob Berkemeier, November 2006


Esra Pehlivanli - viola
Arjan Woudenberg
- clarinet
Lodewijk Crommelin - piano

Mutano: A term found in the score of the opera 'Tosca' by Giacomo Puccini, used to indicate the exchange of one instrument for another. Deduced from the Italian verb Mutare: To change, exchange.

Trio Mutano was formed by violist Arwen van der Burg, clarinettist Jos Roeden and pianist Lodewijk Crommelin. In 2004 the musicians played a few concerts in The Hague which were enthusiastically received by the audiences. The three members decided to continue to perform the repertoire for clarinet-viola-piano, which is rarely heard in the concert hall. Within a short time the trio performed in many venues throughout The Netherlands and in a live-radio broadcast on national radio at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam., and also in the renowned music centre Vredenburg in Utrecht. At the National Day for Chamber Music in Holland the trio gave a presentation, which lead to several invitations by a number of concert organizations. In the press the trio received some very favorable reviews of the performances. The trio was also invited to perform in the Beurs van Berlage, another major venue in Amsterdam, during the ‘Uitmarkt’, a yearly festival which is the official start of the cultural season in The Netherlands. The trio also performed at the Chamber Music Festival in Almere, The Netherlands. After Jos Roeden left the trio clarinettist Arjan Woudenberg was happy to take over his place.

The trio was coached by several musicians, such as horn player Jacob Slagter (principal horn player of the Concertgebouw Orchestra), clarinettist Sjef Douwes (principal clarinettist of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra), violist Prunella Pacey, the eminent Dutch flutist Eleonore Pameijer and pianists Marja Bon and Marcel Worms.

The repertoire of the trio consists of all the important works for clarinet-viola-piano by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Robert Schumann, Max Bruch, Carl Reinecke, Jean Françaix, György Kurtág and other composers. A number of Dutch composers have written for this combination as well, such as Julius Röntgen, Leo Smit, Hendrik Andriessen and Rudolf Escher. The members of Trio Mutano also perform works for clarinet-piano, viola-piano and clarinet-viola, to be combined with the pieces for clarinet-viola-piano. In this way it is possible to create many different interesting chamber music programs.

The trio was awarded the prize by Dutch music publisher Donemus. In the following concert season the trio played in the concert series of the Leo Smit Foundation in the Uilenburger Synagoge in Amsterdam, which was broadcast on national radio in The Netherlands.

Esra Pehlivanli, viola

Esra Pehlivanli (Ankara, 1977) studied with the eminent Violist Mikhail Kugel and holds diplomas of master degree and advanced studies from the Gent Royal Conservatory in Belgium and the Maastricht Conservatory in the Netherlands, finishing both degrees with the highest distinction.  

Esra PEHLIVANLI has been awarded several prizes such as the V. Krzyzstof Penderecki International Contemporary Music Competition (Poland), Torneo Internazionale di Musica (Italy) and the first prize in Premio Valentino Bucchi International Viola Competition (Italy), where she obtained a Presidential Medal of Honour.

The content of PEHLIVANLI’s repertory spans from Baroque until the music of present time. Besides performing all the major works of the Viola literature, she’s a great devotee of contemporary music and collaborates with composers for the creation and promotion of new viola repertory. Many works have been written for her by composers such as Ivo Petric, Chiel Meijering, Bruno Strobl, Nico Huijbregts, Yigit Kolat, Gerard Beljon, Sinta Wullur including the first Concerto for Viola & Accordion and Symphony Orchestra by Selim Dogru.

Esra PEHLIVANLI has given a great variety of concerts in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, Turkey, Poland, Austria, Slovenia and Luxembourg. She has played as a soloist with the major orchestras in her native country, such as the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra, Izmir State Symphony Orchestra a.o. PEHLIVANLI has taken part in festivals such as Robeco Zomerconcerten (the Netherlands), Grachtenfestival (the Netherlands), International Chamber Music Festival Utrecht (the Netherlands), Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival (Germany), De “Wohltemperierte” Accordeon (the Netherlands-Germany), Akkorde-On-Stage (Austria), International Ankara Music Festival (Turkey), Mersin International Music Festival ( Turkey), and radio & tv recordings for RTL Germany, TRT Turkey, Concertzender the Netherlands.

Arjan Woudenberg, clarinet

Arjan Woudenberg (1977) studied clarinet at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague with Harmen de Boer at the Department for Young Talent and at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with Hans Colbers and George Pieterson, principal clarinettist of the Concertgebouw Orchestra. In 2003 he graduated with honours obtaining a Performer’s Diploma. During his studies he was awarded a scholarship from the Institute for Excellent Young Musicians which enabled him to participate in several masterclasses. He took part in an international courses given by German clarinettist and pedagogue Karl Leister, by Hans Deinzer in Italy, and by Thomas Friedli in Switzerland. He was invited by the Concertgebouw to follow masterclasses given by Richard Stolzman in the Recital Hall of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and also in Florence, Italy. During his studies Arjan was a soloist with the Premier Rhapsody by Claude Debussy with the symphony orchestra of the Royal Conservatory The Hague and with the orchestra of the Amsterdam Conservatory he played Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto.

He played first clarinet in the Youth Orchestra Netherlands, the Netherlands National Youth Orchestra, the European Union Youth Orchestra, and the Netherlands Radio Symphony Orchestra. Now Arjan Woudenberg is the principal clarinettist of the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra and the Radio Chamber Philharmonic. He played first clarinet a number of times in the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, the North Netherlands Orchestra, the Brabants Orchestra, the Philharmony of Flanders (Belgium), Amsterdam Sinfonietta and other ensembles which perform contemporary music, such as the Asko Ensemble, Schönberg Ensemble and the Netherlands Wind Ensemble. In these orchestras he worked with conductors such as Sir Colin Davis, Bernard Haitink, Jaap van Zweden, Hans Vonk, Markus Stenz, Mark Elder, Mark Wigglesworth, Eri Klas and others.

Arjan Woudenberg played chamber music works at the International Chamber Music Festival in Delft, Holland, the Music Festival in Middelburg  (Netherlands), the Peter the Great Festival in Groningen, and the Musikalischen Sommers in Ostfriesland (Germany). With the Doelen Quartet he performed several clarinet quintets by Wofgang Amadeus Mozart, Tristan Keuris and Wolfgang Rihm, and as a soloist he played the Kammerkonzert by Karl Amadeus Hartmann in The Doelen in Rotterdam with the Doelen Quartet and the Rotterdam Chamber Orchestra.

Lodewijk Crommelin, piano

Lodewijk Crommelin started playing the piano when he was six years old. During secondary school he simultaneously studied piano at the department for young music talent at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. After graduating from secondary school, he started a combined study of piano at the Royal Conservatory and musicology at the University of Utrecht. He completed his musicology study with a thesis on the etudes for piano by György Ligeti.

From 1993 until his graduation as a performing artist in 1999, he studied piano with the Russian pianist Naum Grubert. Lodewijk continued his studies in the United States of America with the renowned American pianist Abbey Simon at the University of Houston. For this he receives grants from the Foundation Fund for Stage Arts and the VSB-fund, as well as from Houston University. In Houston he followed lessons and master classes with Horacio Gutierrez and chamber music lessons with Timothy Hester. He took part in courses in Holland and abroad and followed master classes with Lazar Berman, Arnaldo Cohen, Ivan Moravec, Charles Rosen, György Sándor and others.

In The Hague in March 1998, Lodewijk made his debut with orchestra playing Mozart’s piano concerto KV 271; he was accompanied by the chamber orchestra Musica Ducis conducted by Alexandru Lascae. He has performed in various European countries and the United States, and participated in recordings for the national public radio broadcasting company in the US. In The Netherlands, he performed in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Muziekcentrum Vredenburg in Utrecht, De Doelen in Rotterdam and Muziekcentrum Frits Philips in Eindhoven.

In addition to his solo activities he plays chamber music and accompanies instrumentalists and singers. Lodewijk Crommelin works as an accompanist at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.


‘The clarinet player introduced pieces in a pleasant and clear way that is exactly how the well-trained young trio sounded: pleasant, clear and with a well-balanced sound.’

- Bob Berkemeier, November 2006

‘What marvellous arpeggios and fine chromaticism. In the Allegretto-Rondo (Kegelstatt Trio by Mozart, L.C.) with many virtuosic passages and beautiful melodies the dynamic contribution of the clarinet player was very convincing.’

- Jeanette Vergouwen 

‘Trio Mutano is really convincing in their support of works by Dutch composers. The Adagio by Hendrik Andriessen starts in a fugal way and the following rather sad melody, with its mysterious character, reminds one of the dark interior of a church. The rendition of the Trio by Leo Smit, with its three uninterrupted movements, was absolutely thrilling.’

- Jeanette Vergouwen 

 ‘The recital was concluded with three pieces from the Acht Stücke by Max Bruch. Vey romantic music in which the timbres of the clarinet and the viola are fully explored. In piece nr. 2 the arpeggios and running passages portray the rippling of the water (the river the Rhine in Cologne, the birth place of Bruch). Piece nr. 7 with its happy and light-hearted contents formed a sparkling ending to a beautiful program.’

- Jeanette Vergouwen