Exhibition Services

Exhibition Services

We provide a complete range of services worldwide, facilitating your participation in both local and international trade fairs.

From the organization of your business trip through the booth design, production and on site management, our team follows you step by step to ensure a successful exhibition.

We create integrated solutions for your exhibition space to communicate your brand successfully, make an impact and market your products and services effectively.

We maximize the ROI from your trade show activities by reaching out to your target audience, overshadowing your competition and strengthening your image in the industry.

We deliver high quality and cost-effective exhibit design, production and support services.

Our Exhibition Services

  • Booth design, production and management
  • Photo and audio/visual services
  • Promotional and market activities
  • B2B agenda planning and management
  • On site events and promotional activities
  • Press conference and media relations
  • VIP lounge concept, design and services
  • Graphic design, translation and printing
  • Hostesses, stewards, professional interpreters
  • Catering: Western and Asian design menu
  • Transportation and hospitality services
  • Uniform styling and rental
  • Gift sourcing and production
  • Hospitality services
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