Chamber Music

China’s emergence as an international power in classical music has furthered its demand for western chamber music. In spite of the different cultural background and the difficulty in understanding the chamber repertoire, we have become a considerable force in western chamber music. We invite prominent chamber groups but also emerging ensembles, devoted and eager to help Chinese audiences approach this thrilling genre as well as providing them with international exposure opportunities.

Tour Dates: 11th March - 20st March, 2016

“...Harrington described its winding contours with aching tenderness, a profound sense of melancholy touching every phrase.”

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Tour Dates: 9th April - 17th April, 2016

“The performance was masterly, a blazingly impressive exhibition of really big playing, one which obviously relished the interpretative and technical challenge of the music.”

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Tour Dates: 5th May - 16th May, 2016

Embodying the quintessential elements of a chamber music ensemble, the Danish String Quartet has established a reputation for their integrated sound, impeccable intonation and judicious balance.

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Tour Dates: 2nd June - 13th June, 2016

“One of the most deserving candidates to represent the value of the Italian musical culture throughout the world.”

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Tour Dates: 30th June - 18th July, 2016

A boldly chosen program, great virtuosity and a richness of color and musicality...

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Tour Dates: 4th August - 22nd August, 2016

One of the most brilliant young French chamber music groups, Ellipsos is constantly exploring their Instruments’ technical and expressive possibilities and seeking for new musical challenges.

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Tour Dates: 1st September - 12th September, 2016

Praised for its communicative power and engaging performances...

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Tour Dates: 13th October - 24th October, 2016

“An unexpected treasure...Their playing is tonally beautiful and spot-on technically.”

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Tour Dates: 3rd November - 14th November, 2016

“...technically superb...its performance full of energy, colour and subtle dynamics. This was a masterclass in quartet technique...”

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Tour Dates: 8th December - 19th December, 2016

An outstanding musician with a brilliant technic, beautiful sonority and powerful artistic impact to the public, on the stage...

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