Chamber Music

China’s emergence as an international power in classical music has furthered its demand for western chamber music. In spite of the different cultural background and the difficulty in understanding the chamber repertoire, we have become a considerable force in western chamber music. We invite prominent chamber groups but also emerging ensembles, devoted and eager to help Chinese audiences approach this thrilling genre as well as providing them with international exposure opportunities.

Tour Dates: 13th March - 25th March, 2019

Austrian cellist Florian Kitt completed his studies with Gaspar Cassadó in Cologne and André Navarra in Detmold after graduating from the Vienna Musikakademie as a pupil of Frieda Litschauer.

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Tour Dates: 17th April - 29th April, 2019


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Tour Dates: 15th May - 27th May, 2019, 2019

In Sweden, the viola d'amore a chiavi is called nyckelharpa and despite its danger of extinction (in central Europe), Swedes have kept it alive for the last 400 years.

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Tour Dates: 19th June - 1st July, 2019

Studying and working at the same conservatory the young trio had the chance to meet in 2013.

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Tour Dates: 17th July - 29th July, 2019

The multi-award-winning clarinetist Alexander Bedenko is one of the most prolific artists of his generation and has performed with major conductors of leading orchestras...

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Tour Dates: 14th August - 26th August, 2019

Classical guitar won't get fancierthan with the Four Aces Guitar Quartet. Eight years after their debut these four well-dressed hot shots have outgrown their Flemish roots.

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Tour Dates: 18th September - 30th September, 2019

The Rachmaninov Trio is a musical ensemble widely known by musical adepts all over the world.

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Tour Dates: 16th October - 28th October, 2019

The Chagall String Quartet is made up of young musicians from Italy and Turkey, which met, during their studies, in the city of Trieste (Italy).

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Tour Dates: 13th November - 25th November, 2019

Macarena Martínez and Juan Escalera, both music professor and, separately, with an outstanding career, decide to join up their way in 2014, driven by their interest on the chamber repertoire for violin and piano.

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Tour Dates: 11th December - 23th December, 2019

The Ragazze Quartet plays Classical and contemporary string quartet repertoire and is acclaimed for its musical enthusiasm, talent, versatility and dynamic presentation.

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