Artisti Internazionali

International Artists

With a total of about 300 concerts and events per year in over 30 cities all over China, Wu Promotion regularly organises for all genres of performing arts to tour in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.  We have from the past, celebrated artists from all over the world such as Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, and the USA and are expecting to expand the varieties in the coming years.


Our performances and events consist of an international selection of artists and a broad genre of music which often attracts attention from national television stations and is reviewed by many key local and regional media.


Whether for artists to tour in China, or to stage suitable performances for any occasions, a reliable partner is paramount.  As the performing arts industry is maturing in China with newer and more equipped venues, Wu Promotion’s 20 years of experiences, expertise and knowledge can offer professional guidance, organisation and support for a successful and unforgettable tour experience.  While local circumstances are unpredictable, Wu Promotion’s healthy and long term relationships with many local partners allows us to bring our performances into concert halls, theatres and other venues of great qualities; thus ensuring to provide the best environment for both the audiences and the artists.

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Orchestra  Choir 2016

China has embraced instrumental and orchestral music and now offers its audiences a variety of international artists and performances. Concert halls in China have reached the stage where they are now standing alongside international concert halls. Wu Promotion represents some of the world's most prestigious symphony orchestras, performing around China’s most reputable concert halls and bringing glorious music to the Chinese audience.

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Dance and Theatre

Ballet and modern dance in China ushered a thriving phase with greater diversity as it gained much popularity. Wu Promotion went beyond its passion for the classical music industry and brought in numerous distinguish ballet companies and modern dance troupes. Wu Promotion is entering the 21st century by giving Dance & Theatre bigger prospects that would be a highlight to the Chinese cultural agenda.

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China’s love affair with piano performances is never ending and has become a major influence amongst the Chinese audience. Western piano recital is very much alive amongst the western classical fans. For years, Wu Promotion has successfully handled some of the world’s most renowned pianist and young emerging artists. In collaboration with some of the most renowned international piano competitions, we offer the opportunity for the winning emerging artists of such competitions to tour in China; amongst them include the International Franz Liszt Competition, the Géza Anda Competition and the Maria Canals Competition.

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Chamber Music

China’s emergence as an international power in classical music has furthered its demand for western chamber music. In spite of the different cultural background and the difficulty in understanding the chamber repertoire, we have become a considerable force in western chamber music. We invite prominent chamber groups but also emerging ensembles, devoted and eager to help Chinese audiences approach this thrilling genre as well as providing them with international exposure opportunities.

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Orchestra  Choir 2016

In 2016, world-renowned pianist and conductor Rudolf Buchbinder, violin virtuoso Roby Lakatos and world-class cellist Misha Maisky will be invited to perform in China.

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In 2018, two special projects are prepared for art fans. One of them is the first China tour of Vienna flute Mozart, which is established by four chief performers from the Vienna philharmonic orchestra. The other special project is the third THEATERTREFFEN In China. The popular project will bring the pure high-quality German drama for Chinese audiences.

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Charlie Chaplin, one of the greatest humorists and entertainers of all times, said in 1940 in one of his movies: “We think too much, we feel too little.”

At Wu Promotion, we believe that high-quality entertainment is providing fun while having an educational responsibility. Education is a key element to a developing and peaceful world. Each art form, classical art or entertainment art, has an important role to play in the progress of society, worldwide.

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