Chamber Music

It is the chance to hear the best artists up close in intimate settings with superb textural clarity. In each group, not only does the individual technical excellence and balance between the members contribute to its remarkableness, but also the richness of ensemble, where the harmonic construction and musical understanding are perfectly mirrored with coherent phrasing and homogeneous ensemble playing, thus revealing a profound expression of the music piece. The resulting intimacy suggests "smallness" and "closeness" on the participation of both performers and listeners. Wu Promotion believes that it is only a matter of time for Chinese audience to become fervently infatuated with the ultimate delicacy of chamber music.

Tour Dates: 15th April - 27th April, 2020

EMINENT DUO started as a project of baroque music in Vienna, where both musicians finished their studies: Japanese violinist Moeko Sugiura and Slovenian guitarist and composer Nejc Kuhar.

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Tour Dates: 6th May - 18th May, 2020

The Amsterdam based Erard Ensemble is one of the most experienced and renowned classical music groups in Europe.

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Tour Dates: 17th June - 29th June, 2020

Joined in a lively and colorful trio, the members of SCHUMANN TRIO (ENSEMBLE SCHUMANN) – Thomas Gallant, Oboe, Steve Larson, Viola, and Sally Pinkas, Piano...

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Tour Dates: 8th July - 20th July, 2020

Crossbones trombone collective is a professional trombone setting from Belgium. 4 young and motivated professional musicians found each other...

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Tour Dates: 19th August - 31st August, 2020

What is a trio if not this: a continuous process of harmonizing primary elements. Far from the fraternal and supportive logic of the quartet...

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Tour Dates: 2nd September - 14th September, 2020

Ensemble Caprice, a baroque ensemble which performs on period instruments, was founded by acclaimed conductor, composer and recorder soloist Matthias Maute...

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Tour Dates: 21st October - 2nd November, 2020

In 2005 the Max Brod Trio – Kerstin Strassburg (piano), Maximilian Simon (violin), Christoph Lamprecht (violoncello) - was founded by the pianist as a permanent ensemble.

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Tour Dates: 21st November - 20th November, 2020

Aapo Häkkinen (1976) began his musical education as a chorister at Helsinki Cathedral. He took up the harpsichord at the age of thirteen, studying with Elina Mustonen and Olli Porthan (organ) at the Sibelius Academy.

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Tour Dates: 9th December - 21st December, 2020

The Clarion Quartet binds artistic virtuosity with humanitarian purpose in presenting great works that are gradually entering the standard repertoire.

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