Recital de Piano
Piano Recital

L'histoire entre la Chine et les récitals de piano ne s'arrêtera jamais et est même devenue une influence majeure pour le public chinois. Pendant des années, Wu Promotion a géré avec succès les pianistes les plus célèbres du monde ainsi que des jeunes artistes émergents. Nous sommes fiers d'avoir organisé avec succès la tournée des lauréats du concours international pour la Chine, tels que International Franz Liszt Piano Competition et le Maria Canals Competition.

Tour Dates: 9th March - 20th March, 2017

“Exceptional pianist” (WAZ) and “keyboard artist with a great future” (General-Anzeiger) ....

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Tour Dates: 6th April - 17th April, 2017

Through the encouragement of pianist Ivan Illic in 2009, Sébastien began his solo career in Europe.

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Tour Dates: 4th May - 15th May, 2017

Camiel Boomsma makes name as a soloist with an extensive repertoire and appears frequently in recitals.

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Tour Dates: 1st June - 12th June, 2017

Temperamental, elegant and charismatic Spanish pianist from Cordoba (Andalusia).

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Tour Dates: 7th July - 16th July, 2017

Marta Menezes is one of the most promising Portuguese pianists of her generation.

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Tour Dates: 4th August - 13rd August, 2017

Ingo Dannhorn has concertized at the most well-known music centers and concert halls, such as the Herkulessaal in Munich...

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Tour Dates: 31st August - 11th September, 2017

The distinguished pianist is a laureate of more than 50 international piano competitions from which he holds more than forty first prizes!

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Tour Dates: 12th October - 23rd October, 2017

Schaghajegh Nosrati´s career has already been marked by numerous successes at national and international piano competitions.

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Tour Dates: 2st November - 13rd November, 2017

Nadejda Vlaeva’s playing has been acclaimed wherever she has appeared.

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Tour Dates: 30th November - 11th December, 2017

Bernhard Parz is a “BösendorferArtist”, and spreading the Viennese culture of sound into the world.

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