Musique de Chambre
Chamber Music

L’émergence de la Chine comme étant une puissance internationale dans le domaine de la  musique classique a vu augmenter sa demande pour la musique de chambre occidentale. En dépit du contexte culturel différent et de la compréhension difficile pour le répertoire de chambre, nous sommes devenus une force considérable dans la musique de chambre occidentale. Nous invitons les groupes de chambre de haute qualité, mais également des ensembles émergents, car nous sommes dévoués et désireux d'aider le public chinois à apprécier ce genre de musique passionnant ainsi que d’offrir aux artistes des opportunités d'exposition internationale.

Tour Dates: 7th March - 19th March, 2018

The Manhattan Chamber Players is a chamber music collective of New York-based musicians who share the common aim of performing the greatest works in the chamber repertoire at the highest level.

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Tour Dates: 18th April - 30th April, 2018

Sator Duo, formed by the violinist Paolo Castellani and the guitarist Francesco Di Giandomenico, is specialized in contemporary music and tango.

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Tour Dates: 17th May - 29th May, 2018

A fixture on both the Montreal and international musical scenes for fifteen years, the Trio Hochelaga has earned a stellar reputation.

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Tour Dates: 13th June - 25th June, 2018

Trio Carducci was founded in 2016 in Milan (Italy) by three Italian performers: violinist Germana Porcu, cellist Matilda Colliard and pianist Sara Costa.

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Tour Dates: 11th July - 23rd July, 2018

The prestigious magazine The Strad wrote about the Cracow Duo: ‘Kalinowski and Szlezer, friends since childhood, have a wonderfully natural rapport...

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Tour Dates: 15th August - 27th August, 2018

Established in 2001, the Geneva Brass Quintet is a chamber music group of Swiss musicians. After studying at the Geneva Conservatory, they all graduated with a Master of Music.

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Tour Dates: 12th September - 24th September, 2018

The Eskar trio has already celebrated its 20th anniversary. Since the trio was formed, it has established a reputation as one of the absolute leading ensembles...

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Tour Dates: 17th October - 29th October, 2018

Formed in 2014, the Cologne Guitar Quartet is an international ensemble based in Germany.

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Tour Dates: 14th November - 26th November, 2018

The Vienna Symphony Virtuosi were founded 35 years ago to performe chamber music in various occupations.

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Tour Dates: 5th December - 17th December, 2018

Partners in life and music for over 15 years, Nancy Dahn and Timothy Steeves are Canada’s premiere violin and piano duo.

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