Orquestas y Coros
Orchestra  Choir 2016

Asia ha acogido música instrumental y orquestal y ahora ofrece a su audiencia una mayor variedad de artistas y presentaciones internacionales. Las salas de concierto en Asia han alcanzado el mismo nivel en que se encuentran ahora otras salas de concierto internacionales. Wu Promotion representa algunas de las más prestigiadas orquestas sinfónicas del mundo, presentándose en las salas de concierto de mejor reputación de Asia y trayendo así música maravillosa a la audiencia asiática.

Tour Dates: 11th February - 20th February, 2017

The Gürzenich Orchestra of Cologne is one of Germany’s leading orchestras and can look back on a great tradition.

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Tour Dates:  26th March - 10th April, 2017

As Vienna’s cultural ambassador and concert orchestra, the Wiener Symphoniker handles the lion’s share of symphonic activity...

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Tour Dates: 28th April - 15th May, 2017

The history of the orchestra began with an ensemble, organized in 1931 at the Leningrad Radio.

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Tour Dates: 10th May - 25th May, 2017

Founded in 1977, the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra is the only professional, full-sized Chinese orchestra in Hong Kong.

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Tour Dates: 18th - 31st October, 2017

There is perhaps no other musical ensemble more consistently and closely associated with the history and tradition of European classical music than the Vienna Philharmonic.

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Tour Dates: 24th April - 1st May, 2016

Founded in 1548, Staatskapelle Dresden is one of the oldest orchestras in the world and steeped in tradition.

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Tour Dates: 10th May - 19th May, 2016

The Tehran Symphony Orchestra founded in 1933, is Iran's oldest and largest symphony orchestra...

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Tour Dates: 7th - 12th June, 2016

The history of the St Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra – according to The Guardian’s definition, "one of the greatest and most exciting orchestras in the world"...

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Tour Dates: 19th August - 28th August, 2016

The success of the St. Florian Boys' Choir lies in the strong foundation of its nigh 1,000-year history.

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Tour Dates: 17th - 24th October, 2016

The Mariinsky Orchestra is one of the oldest musical ensembles in Russia. It can trace its history back to the early 18th century...

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Tour Dates: 25th October - 11th November, 2016

Internationally recognized as one of Russia’s most prestigious and versatile orchestras...

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