Música de Cámara
Chamber Music

Esta es la oportunidad de escuchar de cerca a algunos de los mejores artistas en un ambiente íntimo con una suprema textura y claridad. En cada grupo, no solo la excelencia técnica individual y el balance entre los miembros contribuyen a su excepcionalidad, sino también la riqueza de ensamble donde la construcción armónica y el entendimiento musical se reflejan perfectamente en una coherente expresión y una actuación de perfecto ensamblaje, revelando en consecuencia una pieza musical de profunda expresión. La resultante intimidad sugiere “pequeñez” y “cercanía” en la participación de ambos intérpretes y espectadores. Wu Promotion cree que solo es cuestión de tiempo para que la audiencia China se convierta en ferviente admiradora gracias a la extrema delicadeza de la música de cámara.

Tour Dates: 16th March - 27th March, 2017

Since their founding in 2013, the Delta Piano Trio has performed extensively in The Netherlands, Germany, Austria...

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Tour Dates: 13th April - 24th April, 2017

WDR Symphony Orchestra is the great orchestra of the biggest broadcasting company in central Europe...

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Tour Dates: 19th May - 29th May, 2017

Soloists of considerable fame, and chamber music players of great artistic worth, each of whom with considerable experience and success...

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Tour Dates: 15th June - 26th June, 2017

Some of the most sought-after of the MGQ’s exceptional arrangements are Ginastera's Danzas Argentinas, Piazzolla's Windy, Debussy's Petite Suite...

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Tour Dates: 20th July - 31st July, 2017

The three musicians founded the ensemble Trio NeuKlang (New Sound) in 1998 to produce a new sound that combines the known with the new and add excitement to it.

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Tour Dates: 17th August - 28th August, 2017

Among the best Italian musicians of their generation, Francesca Dego and Francesca Leonardi have been performing together worldwide...

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Tour Dates: 14th September - 25th September, 2017

The quartet won the first prize at the Luigi NonoInternational Competition in Venaria Reale...

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Tour Dates: 19th October - 30th October, 2017

It is a holder of The Czech Chamber Music Society Award in 2012, which is an integral part of The Czech Philharmonic and is given to the best chamber ensembles.

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Tour Dates: 9th November - 27th November, 2017

The ensemble was founded in 1997 and has since toured in more than 20 countries throughout Europe, Asia and the USA...

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Tour Dates: 7th December - 18th December, 2017

The Zadig Trio was founded by three young musicians sharing the same passion for chamber music.

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