Staatskapelle Dresden, Germany, 2019

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Tour Dates: 13th – 23rd May, 2019  Venue: Guangzhou Xinghai Concert Hall, Changsha Concert Hall, National Center for the Performing Arts

SWR Symphonieorchester, Germany, 2019

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Tour Dates: 16th – 24th May, 2019  Venue: Shenzhen Concert Hall, Shanghai Symphony Hall, Chenshan Botanical Garden, Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall, Shanxi Poly Grand Theatre

China Philharmonic Orchestra Korea & Japan Tour, 2019

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Tour Dates: 9th June - 13th June, 2019  Tour Venue: Lotte Concert Hall, Tokyo Metropolitan Theater, NHK Osaka Hall

Theatertreffen in China, 2019

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Tour Dates:17th June - 15th July, 2019  Venue: Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center, Great Theatre of China (Shanghai)

Dresdner Kreuzchor, Germany, 2019

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Tour Dates: 2nd – 15th July, 2019  Venue: Shanghai City Theatre, Jiangsu Centre for the Performing Arts, Tianjin Grand Theater, National Center for the Performing Arts, Xiamen Cangjiang Theater, Shenzhen

Wiener Philharmoniker, Austria, 2019

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Tour Dates: 20th – 31st October, 2019  Venue: Macau International Music Festival, Xing Hai Concert Hall, Shanghai Oriental Art Center, Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall

Opera “Diary of John Rabe” Europe Tour, 2019

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Tour Dates: 3rd - 10th July, 2019  Tour Venue: Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Elbphilharmonie, Ronacher Wien

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Under the baton of distinguished conductor Pang Kapang, the final concert of the Suzhou Chinese Orchestra...

On January 13, the 10th Peking Opera festival concluded successfully at the Grand Théâtre de Genève in Switzerland.

From November 25th to December 3rd, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra undertook its second large-scale China tour.

In the 470th anniversary of its existence, Staatskapelle Dresden successfully realized another China tour in 2018.

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