Theatertreffen in China, 2017

Theatertreffen is the most important and the biggest theatre festival within German-speaking countries, and it is also one of the three most influential theatre festivals in the world. In the year of 2015, under the help of Mr. Chen Ping (Counselor for culture affairs of China Embassy in Germany), Wu Promotion reached a five-year partnership agreement with Theatertreffen, according to which Theatertreffen will be held in China from 2016 to 2020 annually. The jury members of Theatertreffen in China include iconic figures in the theatre field of both China and Germany, who selected three out of the ten “most noteworthy” works from the previous year’s Theatertreffen to be staged in China.


Tour Dates: 30th May - 12th June, 2017
The Volksbuhne ("People's Theatre") is a theater in Berlin, Germany. Located in Berlin's city center Mitte on Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz (Rosa Luxemburg Square) in what was the GDR's capital.

Tripping Stones State Theatre

Tour Dates: 25 - 30 June, 2016
TMentioned in the early 18th century as the ducal court theatre, the BADISCHES STAATSTHEATER KARLSRUHE today encompasses six departments: OPERA and CONCERT with the BADISCHE STAATSKAPELLE...

Dr. Thomas Oberender
Managing Director of
Berliner Festspiele

Jury of Theatertreffen in China 2017

Theatertreffen will be held again in China in 2017 with three new theater productions from Theatertreffen 2016 to be released soon by the jury.

Below are the six jury members of Theatertreffen in China 2017 :

Dr. Thomas Oberender
Managing Director of
Berliner Festspiele

Mr. Chen Ping
Counselor for culture affairs
of China Embassy
in Germany

Dr. Clemens Treter

President of Das Deutsche
Kulturzentrum Peking –
Goethe-Institut (China)

Meng Jinghui

Theater director

Daniel Richter

Co-Director of Theatertreffen

Yu Rongjun
Playwright & deputy
director of Shanghai Drama 
Art Center

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