Theatertreffen in China, 2016 - 2020

Tour Dates
  • 2016 - 2020


Theatertreffen Berlin is one of the most important culture events in German-speaking countries. It is also one of the three most important theatre festivals in Europe, together with Avignon Festival in France and Edinburgh International Arts and Fringe Festival in the UK. Though compared with a rather showcasing mode of the other two festivals, Theatertreffen Berlin is rewarding the most remarkable German spoken theater of the season, reflecting the highest level of contemporary theatre making.

Thanks to the diligent efforts of Mr. Chen Ping, Former Counselor for Culture Affairs of the China Embassy in Germany, Wu Promotion signed in 2015 a five-year agreement with the Dr. Thomas Oberender, Director of the Berliner Festspiele/Theatertreffen, paving the way for the Berlin Theatertreffen to be presentedin China from 2016 to 2020. Each year a jury of theatre experts from China and Germany will select two or three productions from the ten performances staged in Berlin to present them in China in the following year under the banner of "Theatertreffen in China".

Jiatong Wu (President of Wu Promotion) taking a group photo in Berlin
with Mr. Chen Ping (Former Counselor for Culture Affairs of the China Embassy in Germany),
Ms. Yvonne Büdenhölzer ( Artistic Director of Berlin Theatertreffen)
and Dr.Thomas Oberender ( Director of Berliner Festspiele )

Dr. Thomas Oberender
Managing Director of
Berlin Festspiele

We are living in an increasingly complex world that has gradually alienated many people. The Berlin Festspiele therefore counts on contemporary perspectives, international collaborations and intercultural exchange to open up new perspectives and link different cultures. We promote the exchange of artistic experience and knowledge and encourage examination and discussion of global challenges. The Theatertreffen China is an ideal platform for this process. The successful implementation of a platform for the Theatertreffen in China has been enabled through the committed support and engagement of our partners. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Wu Jiatong, the initiator and organizer, to Chen Ping and to the Goethe-Instituts in Beijing and Shanghai!

Theatertreffen in China 2019

Theatertreffen in China 2018

Theatertreffen in China 2017

Theatertreffen in China 2016


The traditional music of China dates back to the dawn of Chinese civilization and a well-developed musical culture was established as early as the Zhou Dynasty (1122 BC – 256 BC). Today Chinese traditional music continues a rich traditional heritage while developing into a more contemporary form for the world audience. Wu Promotion has been dedicated to promoting Chinese traditional music to the world for over two decades. Since the first Grand Chinese New Year Concert in 1998 in the Vienna Musikverein, featuring the best traditional orchestra of China, the concert has developed into an annually renowned cultural event in Europe.

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Classical music in China is thriving with the rapid development of the Chinese economy. With millions of Chinese children now studying classical instruments, China will soon become the largest source of classical music in the world. Particularly, influenced by the nurturing of the classical music scene, China is growing its number of accomplished orchestras and talented artists. Wu Promotion is proud to represent these individual artists and groups as they step onto the world stage of classical music.

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dance and theatre

Chinese opera and dance, such as Peking Opera and Kun Opera are the most representative and oldest forms of performing arts in China. Originating from many different areas, dialects and ethnic groups, they have developed different musical structures. Most of the productions are featuring classical stories which are considered to be the intangible artifacts of Chinese history during particular eras. Today many forms of Chinese dance and theatre are less known internationally. Wu Promotion is striving to preserve the great Chinese performing arts and promote them to the world audience.

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