Charlie Chaplin, one of the greatest humorists and entertainers of all times, said in 1940 in one of his movies: “We think too much, we feel too little.”

At Wu Promotion, we believe that high-quality entertainment is providing fun while having an educational responsibility. Education is a key element to a developing and peaceful world. Each art form, classical art or entertainment art, has an important role to play in the progress of society, worldwide.

With a significantly growing middle class over the past decade China has witnessed a substantial increase of interest in family entertainment. More and more families are looking for high-quality leisure time to spend together, seeking for interesting and stimulating activities for adults and children. Artists from every part of the world, with their inexhaustible creativity, are eager today to meet the expectations of China’s new audiences. They need a solid local partner to cope with such a vast and unpredictable market. The experienced team of Wu Promotion has the needed ability, the experience and the strength to realize successful touring of supreme productions for family and children audience in China and abroad. We are proud to have the trust of the artists, as we have successfully gained the trust of our partners.

In 2011, we launched our performance series Wu Entertainment offering high-level entertainment to touch family and children audience. We successfully promoted troupes as Swiss Mummenschanz or the Czech Black Light Theatre in China, as well as touring the Swan Lake production to several prestigious international festivals and venues. This year 2016 we have decided to put a new focus on this segment. Our goal for the future is to include more and more productions designed for family audience in our yearly program. We wish to widen the range of genres that we offer to our partners, strengthening our cooperation with them, while connecting with artists and festivals all over the world. Together, we are convinced that we can reach children, mothers, fathers and grandparents alike, giving them the chance of a unique afternoon or evening moment together that they share, keep in their heart and remember for a long time after.

Welcome to Wu Entertainment. We are looking forward to take you on a surprising journey!

Tour Dates: 6th July - 12th August, 2017

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Tour Dates: 3rd October - 30th October, 2017

Teatr Semianyki, based in St. Petersburg, is composed of the six original creators of the show bearing the same name.

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Tour Dates: 7th December - 24th December, 2017

The FAMILIE FLÖZ was established in 1994 by a small group of acting and mime students at the Folkwang-Hochschule Essen in Germany...

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