Erth, Australia, 2018

Tour Dates: 17th July - 27th August, 2018

Erth have continually created live theatre at the forefront of new performance practice.

Tour Dates
  • 17th July - 27th August, 2018

Tour Information:

BPA Theatre of Cultural Palace of Nationalities | Click for tickets
20th July, 19:30
21st July, 14:30 / 19:30
22nd July, 14:30

Linyi Grand Theatre | Click for tickets
27th July, 19:30
28th July, 15:00 / 19:30
29th July, 15:00 / 19:30

Anhui Grand Theater | Click for tickets
31st July, 16:00 / 19:40

Jiangxi Arts Center | Click for tickets
03rd August, 19:45
05th August, 15:30 / 19:45

Xiamen Cangjiang Theater | Click for tickets
11th August, 19:30
12th August, 15:30 / 19:30

Shanghai Children's Art Theatre | Click for tickets
16th August, 19:30
17th August, 19:30
10th August, 10:30 / 11:30 / 19:30

Hangzhou Theater | Click for tickets
21st August, 19:30
22nd August, 19:30

Guangdong Performing Arts Center Theater | Click for tickets
25th August, 10:30 / 15:30
26th August, 10:30

Erth have continually created live theatre at the forefront of new performance practice. Since its beginnings in 1990, the Company has strived to provide audiences with eye popping visual experiences.

Giant puppetry, stilt-walkers, inflatable environments, aerial and flying creatures. Erth is all these things and more.

Erth have built an Australia wide, and increasingly international reputation based on exceptional work. In demand for events and festivals, the Company inspires audiences with their unique and dynamic vision.

We are a visual and physical theatre from Australia with 20 years history. We tour not only in Australia, but also worldwide!

Dinosaur Zoo is a very cool show- you can experience the live animals. Steve Irwin has already done it at an Australian Zoo, but we have dinosaurs in our show!

The kids may touch and feed some dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures in the show.  But if children misbehave, we took him to feed the dinosaurs ( joke ) !

Q: How did you come up with the idea to make the Dinosaur Zoo?

We made the real-size dinosaur figures in cooperate with many Zoos worldwide. One day, we decided to make some typical Australian prehistoric creatures as figures for a show very interesting and educational. Many people come to us after the show and tell us, how much they enjoyed the show and they were happy to come to the show.

Q: Is there any story line for the Dinosaur Zoo?

There is no clear story line, because this is a real live animal show. But of course, every dinosaur has its own background, such as where it is from, what it eats and which habits they have.

Q: The design of the dinosauria is highly acclaimedWhose idea is it? And how do you make it?

In our team in the studio we have wonderful artists and they are the sources of the our creative performances. All related things from the design of the figures to the sound are made by them. 

Q: Who are your teams?

 It’s unbelievable how our team can vary according to the diverse places of the performances. Our actors are fantastic people with vast amounts of skill and experience.
We also like to work with real zoo-keepers and let them present the show. It’s really cool since they really take care of animals. I am just a artistic director who know lots about dinosaurs…even though many people think I am a paleontologist! 

We also work with some puppetry artists who wonderfully bring our dinosaurs to life.

The science interactive theatre group was highly acclaimed in Australia. 《Dinosaur Zoo》will lead the audience into a whole new dimension of theater experience.

In the show the audience will meet amazing prehistoric creatures - from cute little dinosaur to some of the most largest carnivores and herbivores on the planet ever! Fun and educational with amazing "live" dinosaurs, this special performances will please the children audience older than 5 year old, but also adults.

Dinosaur Zoo presents a dinosaur and insect zoo. This will be a very special interactive experience: children can have personal contact with the prehistoric creatures and learn how to feed, keep a safe distance – and finally experience the incredible thrill.

Dinosaur Zoo is a unique theatrical experience that kids and parents can feel a lot of interactive experience at the same time. They walk through prehistoric Australia together with the actors of the theatre.

Dinosaur Zoo is a performance in the form of live animal shows - children have the opportunity to play with prehistoric creatures by feeding, watering, taking care of them. You will experience lots of vivid dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures which have lived millions years ago on land.

But remember! – not all dinosaurs are fearful as they look like! Now, 6,500 years later in the show, Dinosaur Zoo, you will have the opportunity to experience to be in close contact to dinosaurs. Dinosaur Zoo,  is an unique theater, children and parents will have a lot of the interactive experience as the theater and the actors together go through the prehistoric Australia. You will see livings and all kinds of dinosaurs of millions of years ago on the land. You will have the opportunities to learn some knowledge after feeding them or taking care of them.


"The show hits the sweet spot between spectacle and edu-tainment, without talking down to kids…smart and accessible crash course on prehistoric predators and herbivores."

- Chicago Tribune, 2014

“Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo delivers solid science as well as an extraordinary spectacle."

- New York Times, 2013

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Asia has embraced instrumental and orchestral music and now offers its audiences a variety of international artists and performances. Concert halls in Asia have reached the stage where they are now standing alongside international concert halls. Wu Promotion represents some of the world's most prestigious symphony orchestras, performing around Asia's most reputable concert halls and bringing glorious music to the Asian audience.

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Ballet and modern dance in Asia ushered a thriving phase with greater diversity as it gained much popularity. Wu Promotion went beyond its passion for the classical music industry and brought in numerous distinguish ballet companies and modern dance troupes. Wu Promotion is entering the 21st century by giving Dance & Theatre bigger prospects that would be a highlight to the Asian cultural agenda.

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China's love affair with piano recitals is never ending. The mesmerizing tune of subtlety, power, and elegance struck by the fingers of the artists, echoes with the most deeply buried memories of joy and sorrow. The cascading sound coming from the shimmering fingers over the keyboard is the direct embodiment of such delicate and profound emotion. Wu Promotion hopes to instill a pure moment of grace into the heart of every listener.

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It is the chance to hear the best artists up close in intimate settings with superb textural clarity. In each group, not only does the individual technical excellence and balance between the members contribute to its remarkableness, but also the richness of ensemble, where the harmonic construction and musical understanding are perfectly mirrored with coherent phrasing and homogeneous ensemble playing, thus revealing a profound expression of the music piece. The resulting intimacy suggests "smallness" and "closeness" on the participation of both performers and listeners. Wu Promotion believes that it is only a matter of time for Chinese audience to become fervently infatuated with the ultimate delicacy of chamber music.

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Following the successful debut in 2016, the “Theatertreffen in China” in 2017 and 2018 has further expanded its influence in China and gradually become a unique brand in the Chinese theatrical world. With the support of Mr. Chen Ping, the Cultural Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Germany, Goethe-Institut China and Volkswagen China, the 4th “Theatertreffen in China”, jointly organized by Wu Promotion and Theatertreffen Berlin, will return in June-July 2019. A professional jury consisting of six experts from China and Germany selected two dramas with distinctive characteristics for the theatre enthusiasts: Thalia Theatre’s Die Odyssee and Münchner Kammerspiele’s Trommeln In Der Nacht.

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Charlie Chaplin, one of the greatest humorists and entertainers of all times, said in 1940 in one of his movies: “We think too much, we feel too little.”

At Wu Promotion, we believe that high-quality entertainment is providing fun while having an educational responsibility. Education is a key element to a developing and peaceful world. Each art form, classical art or entertainment art, has an important role to play in the progress of society, worldwide.

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