Piano Recital

Die spezielle Vorliebe des asiatischen Publikums für Klavierauftritte scheint kein Ende zu nehmen und hat sich zu einem der wichtigsten Auftrittgenre entwickelt. Insbesondere Konzerte westlicher Pianisten genießen eine hohe Aufmerksamkeit und eine wachsende Fangemeinde. Über Jahre hinweg hat Wu Promotion erfolgreich die berühmtesten Pianisten und zahlreiche junge Talente vertreten. In Zusammenarbeit mit den größten internationalen Klavierwettbewerben, wie dem Franz Liszt Wettbewerb für junge Pianisten, Concours Géza Anda und dem Musikwettbewerb Maria Canals, ermöglichen wir aufstrebenden erfolgreichen jungen Pianisten Konzerttourneen in China und Asien.

Tour Dates: 6th March - 18th March, 2019

Awarded the International Prize for Pianistic Creativity, Cristina Casale is qualified by the specialists as a musician with a great temperament and expressivity.


Tour Dates: 10th April - 22nd April, 2019

Hungarian-born, Norbert Kael has always been interested in both classical and jazz music. He started his musical education at the age of 7.


Tour Dates: 8th May - 20th May, 2019

Bulgarian pianist Anna Petrova has been praised for her "hallmark performances" of "excellent technical mastery and powerful control of timbre."

Grzegorz Niemczuk 1

Tour Dates: 5th June - 17th June, 2019

Polish pianist Grzegorz Niemczuk has already enjoyed a successful career as a concert pianist having performed internationally over the past 12 years.


Tour Dates: 3rd July - 15th July, 2019

Vladimir Rumyantsev was born in 1987 to a musical family. His grandfather was a violinist who graduated from Odessa Conservatory.


Tour Dates: 7th August - 19th August, 2019

Roberto Cacciapaglia was born in Milan. He graduated in composition from the "Giuseppe Verdi" Conservatory of his city, where he also studied conducting and electronic music.


Tour Dates: 4th September - 16th September, 2019

The promising young German pianist Julia Rinderle fascinates her audience with a strong stage presence and highly sensitive and profound playing.


Tour Dates: 9th October - 21st October, 2019

The french pianist Olivier Moulin studied under Eric Heidsieck and Gery Moutier at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique of Lyon, where he was unanimously awarded first prize with honors.


Tour Dates: 6th November - 18th November, 2019

Russian-Israeli pianist Elena Gurevich came into the focus of the music world's attention with her unique idea of combining classic works for piano with contemporary movie scores.


Tour Dates: 4th December - 16th December, 2019

Scandinavian pianist Elisabeth Nielsen is one of the most unique and promising musicians of her generation.

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