Chamber Music

Asiens, und vor allen Dingen Chinas Aufstieg zu einer der internationalen Größen der klassischen Musik hat seinen Bedarf an westlicher Kammermusik nur noch verstärkt. Trotz der kulturellen Differenzen und den allgemeinen Verständnisproblemen asiatischer Zuschauer gegenüber westlicher Kammermusik haben wir uns in diesem Bereich zu einer gewichtigen Größe entwickelt. Wir haben in der Vergangenheit viele berühmte Kammerorchester und aufstrebende Ensembles eingeladen und sind stark darum bemüht, das asiatische Publikum für dieses spannende und abwechslungsreiche Genre zu begeistern.

Tour Dates: 16th March - 27th March, 2017

Since their founding in 2013, the Delta Piano Trio has performed extensively in The Netherlands, Germany, Austria...


Tour Dates: 13th April - 24th April, 2017

WDR Symphony Orchestra is the great orchestra of the biggest broadcasting company in central Europe...


Tour Dates: 19th May - 29th May, 2017

Soloists of considerable fame, and chamber music players of great artistic worth, each of whom with considerable experience and success...


Tour Dates: 15th June - 26th June, 2017

Some of the most sought-after of the MGQ’s exceptional arrangements are Ginastera's Danzas Argentinas, Piazzolla's Windy, Debussy's Petite Suite...


Tour Dates: 20th July - 31st July, 2017

The three musicians founded the ensemble Trio NeuKlang (New Sound) in 1998 to produce a new sound that combines the known with the new and add excitement to it.


Tour Dates: 17th August - 28th August, 2017

Among the best Italian musicians of their generation, Francesca Dego and Francesca Leonardi have been performing together worldwide...


Tour Dates: 14th September - 25th September, 2017

The quartet won the first prize at the Luigi NonoInternational Competition in Venaria Reale...


Tour Dates: 19th October - 30th October, 2017

It is a holder of The Czech Chamber Music Society Award in 2012, which is an integral part of The Czech Philharmonic and is given to the best chamber ensembles.


Tour Dates: 9th November - 27th November, 2017

The ensemble was founded in 1997 and has since toured in more than 20 countries throughout Europe, Asia and the USA...


Tour Dates: 7th December - 18th December, 2017

The Zadig Trio was founded by three young musicians sharing the same passion for chamber music.

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